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4/27 Memphis Wrestling: Hogan vs. Paul Wight, Beefcake, Bagwell, Abdullah, Valentine, Slick

Apr 28, 2007, 00:33

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Memphis Wrestling
April 27, 2007
Memphis, Tenn. at Fed Ex Center
Report by Brian Tramel (of, Torch correspondent

(1) Moondog Cujo (w/"Big Cheese" Sal Corrente) beat The Barbarian in pretty much a hardcore match. Crowd was into it. Barbarian had Cujo pinned, but Sal got on the ring apron with Cujo then pinning Barbarian.

(2) Greg Valentine beat Mr. Hughes with a roll up. Hughes had Valentine pinned with his feet on the ropes, but then ref Bill Rush seen it. Hughes had his back turned and Valentine rolled him up.

(3) Jazz beat Christie Ricci and Miss Passion in a triple threat Ladies Match.

(4) Abdullah The Butcher wrestled Big Al Greene to a no contest in a match that never got into the ring. A bloodbath. The fans got into it.

(5) Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell (w/Jimmy Valiant) beat Koko Ware & Bobby Eaton with Slick in the ring. Jimmy Hart came down from the announcer's desk to have the formation of the First Family with Koko/Eaton back together [they were a team a long time ago], then in called out Slick to manage them.

(6) Brutus Beefcake & Bubba The Love Sponge beat The New Assassins (w/"Big Cheese" Sal Corrente). Assassins looked just like the guys working in Memphis as Fire/Flame. Bubba was horrible in the ring. He did a splash from the second rope for the pin. Beefcake put Sal in the sleeper and they cut his hair after the match.

(7) Brian Christopher beat Buff Bagwell with the hip hop drop. Bagwell talked about how bad Memphis was and heeled the crowd. Christopher came out to a huge pop.

(8) Southern Tag Team Title Match: Ricky Morton & Kid Kash beat "Too Cool 2" (Flex & Tim Grind) for the titles.

(9) Hulk Hogan beat Paul Wight slamming him and dropping the leg on him. It was around a 10 minute match with the crowd completely nuts for Hogan!

NOTES: No official figure, but I am guessing close to 6,000 fans with a gate close to $256,500... Jazz performed her own entrance music to the ring... Koko had Frankie and got Lance Russell to dance with him... NBA's Memphis Grizzlies Mascot - The Grizz came out and was shooting t-shirts out to everyone at intermission... Before the show started, it was announced that "Too Cool 2" (Flex & Tim Grind) had regained the Southern Tag Team Titles from The Moondogs [Cujo/Spike]. That was one of those phantom changes. They announced Grind/Flex vs Rock N Roll Express for later in the show, but it turned out to be Kash/Morton... After Bubba‚s match they brought some kid from St. Jude down and Bubba had the kid on his shoulders. VH1 cameras captured that and it was a kewl moment for the kid and the crowd... I got to say "great job" to Corey Maclin and crew for putting the local guys - Flex/Grind in the semi-main event. All my bitching about them not featuring the local guys and they do go and do this -- perfect way to get them over being seen by so many fans. I would have loved have seen them win, but apparently they got plans for Morton/Kash and Flex/Grind down the road... I was told all in all a fun show and crowd loved it.

Thanks to everyone for joining me on the site for the match by match coverage. I will continue to cover this story as a possible new era in Memphis Wrestling starts next weekend as they scheduled to do tapings with their regular crew. They promised the crowd a special TV show tomorrow night, so it will probably have clips from the show. Congrats to Memphis Wrestling cast and crew for a recording breaking crowd and setting a new standard for indy wrestling.


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