The Saga of Peetie

Healthcare policy experts talk about the “cracks in the system” and how some patients “fall through the cracks”. Peetie, today’s protagonist, would explain to the experts (if he had much of a working vocabulary) that the “cracks” are really more like crevasses.

12/8/6 2130 pm- Peetie shows up in triage at the Mecca… he says “I’ve been hearing voices”. He is well known to the staff. He is belligerently intoxicated.

12/8/6 2300 pm- Peetie is placed in the detox unit to sleep off the alcohol. He is medically stable.

12/9/6 0800am- Peetie is seen by the am resident. He is awake and not as drunk. He still complains of voices but not sure that he wants to hurt himself, mostly he wants to go back to sleep.

12/9/6 11am- The Mental Health Consultant feels Peetie is safe for discharge and outpatient follow up, even though he looks “worse than usual.” Peetie disagrees, “I need to go to (the State Hospital) on **** Street.”

12/9/6 2pm- Nurses tell Peetie he is discharged.

“But I wanna go to the State Hospital… I ain’t right.”

“sorry Peetie… hit the street.”

12/9/6 205pm- Peetie takes a bottle full of lithium that was given back to him upon discharge… “see, I just overdosed… now whatchoo gonna do?”, he quips to the staff.

12/9/6 230pm- Peetie gets his stomach pumped ( a rare event in Emergency Medicine these days) despite his fervent misgivings and he is treated with activated charcoal. ( A lithium overdose is serious business) He is involuntary committed and admitted to the ICU.

12/11/6 4pm- Peetie is transferred to the staff Internal Medicine Service on a floor bed. He has a sitter with him constantly since he is committed. Medicine consults psychiatry.

12/12/6 8am- Psychiatry Consult on Peetie confirms that he is bat-shit crazy, and worse than usual. They suggest commitment to a State Psychiatric facility.

12/12/6 Noon- Medicine team reads Psychiatry note and phones State Hospital to see when Peetie can be transferred there. They are notified that he is on a “waiting list”. They write, “medically cleared” on the note.

12/12/6 2pm- 12/13/6 8am- Peetie makes his presence known on the Medicine floor as a true pain in the ass despite medications for agitation and psychosis. The nurses, techs, sitters and interns quickly loose patience with his belligerent and restless nature… well known to us in the ER.

12/13/6 noon- After much debate and rabble rousing the staff Medicine service decides that Peetie has been “medically clear” for over 24 hours and shouldn’t be on their service. They also learn that patients are frequently held in the ER for over a week while waiting on a State Hospital bed to open. The plan is hatched to dump Peetie back down to the ER to wait it out.

12/13/6 1pm- The staff service finds out that in no uncertain terms that Peetie will not be dumped back down to the ER to wait for a State Hospital bed. (Strictly speculation at this point but my guess was that the decision did not make them happy campers) Meanwhile, Peetie continues to make his presence known on the unit.

12/13/6 2pm- In an interestingly timed moment Peetie slipped by his sitter and the nursing staff, ran down the hall, hoppedan elevator and hauled ass across the Mecca campus to the general safety of the surrounding Urban Housing development. Peetie was reportedly wearing only a ill-fitting hospital gown and ran like a rabbit.

12/13/6 3pm- The Internal Medicine intern writes a note briefly detailing the great escape (Here-fore to be known as the Peetie Memorial/ Geodon 5K)…. the last line of the note reads, “patient is cleared from a medical standpoint”. Clever.

12/13/6 8pm-Peetie calls the hospital and asks the nursing supervisor if he can “come get his stuff.” He agrees to stay for care… “if it is in the ER.”

12/13/10pm- Peetie calls back. He asks if we can send a cab to pick him up… he allegedly sounds “belligerently intoxicated.” The nursing supervisor suggested he call 911.

12/14/6 5am- At the time of this posting, Peetie remains on the lam.

 Peetie, if you are reading this… we are making hot-dogs tonight… with my famous chili!

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