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TV-1 Landing in Owego

Presidential Helicopter Integration Facility Begins Helicopter Flight and Ground Operations

VH-71 Test Vehicle No. 1 (TV-1) made its inaugural landing at Building 080 on Thursday, October 12, ushering in the formal start of helicopter flight and ground operations at the new Presidential Helicopter Integration Facility. TV-1 returned from Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD, where it had been used to conduct rotor down-wash testing.

TV-1, an EH101 helicopter on loan from the Italian Navy, will continue to conduct test flights from the facility and will be joined next year by additional test vehicles supporting the VH-71 program. Three test vehicles have been purchased by the U.S. Navy. The next aircraft, TV-2, is expected to arrive at Owego during mid-2007.

In total, 23 operational VH-71s will be built for the Commander-in-Chief, with flights from the White House lawn beginning in late 2009.

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TV-1 landed at the White House Jan. 13, 2007. Hear WNBF radio interview with Bob Kimble, VH-71 deputy program manager, U.S. Navy. audio
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