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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
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<B>LITTLE TROUBLE:</B>Nate Robinson (left), whom Peter Vecsey calls one of the instigators of trouble on the Knicks, points out something to coach Isiah Thomas during Tuesday's 98-69 loss to the Bulls.
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April 13, 2007 -- FOUR more games re main on the Knicks' regulation schedule. Camp Cablevision is advising season ticket holders there's still time to pay their playoff invoice, and, no doubt, brace for next year's price increase.

Naturally, the "significant progress" the team has made - in James Dolan's opinion - will convert into a significant ticket boost. Maybe Dolan's definition meant not getting to garbage time until Game 79. Bonus points for those astute among you who had Friday the 13th as the date the Knicks would be eliminated officially from postseason consideration.

Four more games also means there's plenty of time left for coach/president Isiah Thomas to justify Dolan's leap of faith in him 15 games ago before his team tumbled in a dozen with a manuscript of excuses for each: injuries; too many players and not enough playing time; a referee/NBA conspiracy against Stephon Marbury; too many missed free throws by a team among the league leaders in attempts; inexperience; lack of leadership; Larry Brown hangover; a law against marketing affordable hand guns.

What's more, four games give Thomas' principal para-professionals ample opportunity to underachieve and overreact. Based on impure past performances, we're focusing on Steve Francis, Nate Robinson and Jerome James, who are working hard on next year's suspensions/buyouts.

By all means, this does not preclude any aspiring Knick from looking like a fool, disgracing the franchise, causing a commotion, or executing a disservice against others. Given four more games with loose reins that come equipped, nonetheless, with a bench-operated directional, and an immediate boss who beams when his boys mirror his confrontational image, a moronic, high-voltage incident is liable to break out at any time

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