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Point Pleasant Park

Bring back our forest!

Point Pleasant Park lies on a rocky 75-hectare (185 acre) promontory jutting into the Atlantic Ocean at the eastern end of the Halifax peninsula, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

In late September 2003, Hurricane Juan, a category two hurricane, made landfall in Nova Scotia, not far from Point Pleasant Park. The maximum force winds from the eastern eye-wall of the hurricane that swept over the park, and the city, caused millions of dollars of damage, and destroyed more than 75,000 trees in Point Pleasant Park alone.

Point Pleasant Park closed in order for work crews to perform cleanup operations. Nine months later, the Park was reopened to the public. With almost 85 per cent of the trees removed and its shoreline damaged, the Park looked bleak and felt desolate; creating a tremendous sense of loss in park users.

Southwest Properties Limited and Halifax Regional Municipality formed partnership to begin a renewal process. An international design competition informed by local technical experts and public consultation was felt to be the way to find the best ideas for the Park.

A Point Pleasant Park International Design Competition Steering Committee was formed, and in 2005 HRM Staff, Southwest Properties, and the Steering Committee held an International Competition to find the best plan for the future of the park - one that would work with the health of the land, and the needs of the community who call the park home.

In October 2005, two winning designs were selected to help form a Master Plan for the park. One was from NIP Paysages in Montreal, and the other Ekistics Design in Dartmouth.

From that moment on, HRM Council and staff, arbourists, and the winning design teams have been working to plan the first steps of restoration and renewal of Point Pleasant Park.

For regular updates on the status of the restoration of Point Pleasant Park, please visit We will provide you with ongoing updates on what work is underway in the Park, where, and what it means. We will also supply you with news and community information that will be valuable to you as a neighbour of the park, and a park user. also contains archived photos, maps, and history of Point Pleasant Park.


We asked:

What does the park mean to you?

"It brings us face to face with the origins of our city: the ocean that frames it; the forest that clothed it; and the navy that needed it. And it keeps me, and my dog alive."

"An oasis of nature, quiet and calm, away from the hustle and bustle of the city."

"Natural beauty in downtown Halifax. Peace and serenity. History - especially Halifax's military history. Casual place for dog walkers, picnickers, strollers, joggers, ball and frisbee pla6yers to intermingle without interference. Families."

"Feeling away from the city while in the city."

"A wild/tame place. Leave the city behind. Be alone, or with like-minded. Shakespeare by the Sea, see the Tall Ships. Bird and squirrel watching. Trees, trees, trees. Surprises."

"A breath of fresh air, a view of the open ocean, respite from city life and any problems, personal or otherwise."

"A 'natural' oasis on the edge of the city."