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Welcome to Character Planet
  • Welcome to, A Free social network and guild management center for your Online Gaming needs.
  • Your peronsal home page is your ultimate source for MMORPG news and the MMORPG community.
  • Here you can add Real Life Profiles and Character Profiles. Use google adsense to make Real money with your profiles.
  • Play Games like the Slot Machine or bet at the Race Track to win points for in game prizes.
  • Create or join a guild with private forums and access levels set by the guild leader.
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Wed - 5/16/07 - Introducing "Level it or PK it" a member driven news submission and rating system where you have the power to determine what news is important. You can vote to either Level up news or PK it (Player Kill it). As the submitter of new content you will receive Power Points for every time your submission gains a level. An added bonus i.. (Read more)

Mon - 5/7/07 - Major update to the point system to ensure accuracy was just implemented. Unfortunately, some users will not see a retroactive change. Please message me directly so I can correct these errors individually... (Read more)

Wed - 5/2/07 - Congrats to Sydeshow for winning April's Monthly Prize Point Leader Race. This is his second month in a row as the leader. Congrats also to Dorkish for being the top inviter for the month of April. Thanks to both of you for your support and to everyone else on CP... (Read more)

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