RAVEN Computer Systems, Inc.

RAVEN is a small consulting company, previously focused on high-quality small fast 68K cross development tools, and now moving to more general development areas involving networking, communications, and client-server work, using C/C++ and Java, on NT and Unix/Linux platforms. We are located in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota.

Frequently Asked Questions

To save everyone time and bandwidth, please check the following for answers to your question(s) before sending us email. Thank you.

I need a driver for the XXXX printer....
My XXXX printer doesn't work....

We are not involved with printers of any kind, or any related support. We don't know where you can get drivers for your printer. We don't know where you can get your printer fixed. We don't even know where you bought your printer. Sorry. :-)

Misc questions about games

We are not involved with computer games of any kind, or any related support. Sorry.

Is the RAVEN domain for sale?

No, this domain is not for sale. Sorry. (However, a serious offer for a very, very large amount of money could interest us. :-)

Seriously, if we do ever decide to put it up for sale, we will let you all know.

Why don't you get a better web page?

Maybe someday we will. It's not our core business. Stay tuned.