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Italy brings 10-year-old home, foster parents are desperate

Putin Plays Down Concerns Over Total Deal

Moscow seeks to increase French investment in Russia

Yukos Owners to Sue Russia for $50Bln

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Photo: Reuters

Russian Museum to Exhibit Rasputin’s Penis

Created: 28.04.2004 15:42 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 16:40 MSK


The first Russian museum of erotica is opening in St. Petersburg, Russian Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily reports. The museum is founded by Igor Knyazkin, the chief of the prostate research center of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Knyazkin told the newspaper that museums of sex and erotica exist in many European countries and he wanted Russia to be a civilized country with a view on the future and with correct views on erotica.

There is one exhibit in the museum which makes Knyazkin be especially proud of. This is the 30-centimeter preserved penis of Grigory Rasputin. “Having this exhibit, we can stop envying America, where Napoleon Bonaparte’s penis is now kept. � Napoleon’s penis is but a small ”pod“ it cannot stand comparison to our organ of 30 centimeters�” the head of the museum said.

Rasputin, nicknamed “Mad Monk” by historians was born in 1869 in Siberia, arrived in St. Petersburg in 1911 and within a few years had become one of the most influential men in government circles. His rise to preeminence was due to his close relationship with Nicholas II’s wife, Alexandra. The heir to the throne suffered from hemophaelia, and only Rasputin could stop the boy’s bleeding. Because of this, Alexandra believed he was a holy man sent to protect Alexis and she kept him close by at all times.

However, many historians point to the unusual cult that Rasputin practiced at the Emperors’ court — a strange mixture of Christianity and sexual practices. Many of the noble women were believed to be in sexual relations with Rasputin, possibly including the Empress.

At the end of 1916, a group of aristocrats decided that Rasputin’s influence had grown too great and that he had to be killed in order to save Russia. They lured him to the palace of one of the princes; fed him poisoned cakes and wine, shot him and then threw him into the frozen river.


17.04.2007 11:46 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Wrong National Anthem Playes as Russian Athlete Wins Boston Marathon

13.04.2007 19:31 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Granny Finds Wad of Cash on Train, Flushes It Down Toilet

13.04.2007 16:05 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Villagers Kill Neighbor Over Aluminum Pots

12.04.2007 16:23 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Top Chinese Communist Sacked Over Affair With Russian Girl

10.04.2007 10:53 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Fisherman Detained in Japan for Illegal Beer Run

04.04.2007 16:39 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Mechanics Jailed After Boy Gets Strangled by Elevator Doors

29.03.2007 14:48 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Woman Arrested for Smuggling Nine Parrots on Her Body

22.03.2007 10:28 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Man Killed by Owl He Tried to Steal

19.03.2007 14:16 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russians Hold Open Cabbage Hurling Championship

14.03.2007 13:12 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Billionaire Refutes Reports of Wedding on Bet

09.03.2007 16:44 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Policeman Starts Bomb Hoax to Save Boss From Missing Plane

09.03.2007 16:01 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Mistress Kills Wife as Husband Locks Women in One Room

06.03.2007 18:12 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Student Sentenced for Anti-Semitic SMS

06.03.2007 13:43 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Billionaire Throws $10M Wedding to Win Bet

01.03.2007 13:25 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Missing Boy Found After 8 Years of Wild Life in Uzbekistan

27.02.2007 14:46 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Ukrainian Sentenced to Prison in Norway for Drunk-Flying

26.02.2007 16:28 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Woman Sues State Over Daughter’s ’Satanic’ Registration

22.02.2007 11:30 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Court Rejects Russian Schoolgirls’ Lawsuit Against Darwin Theory

09.02.2007 14:39 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Teens Kill Jewish Man With Cemetery Cross

08.02.2007 14:26 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Marriage of 18 Years Ruined by Pumpkin Diet

08.02.2007 12:06 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Police Detain Chechens Over Door Handle Poisoning Plot

07.02.2007 15:54 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Web-Site Used by Child Porn Ring Covering 77 Nations

06.02.2007 14:59 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Orthodox Church Outraged as Internet Auction Offers Saint`s Bones

06.02.2007 11:16 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Expert Says Global Warming to Aggravate in 21st Century

05.02.2007 12:39 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Teen Cannibals Get Lengthy Jail Sentences

04.02.2007 11:18 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Mysterious Yellow Snow Not Toxic — Russian Officials

02.02.2007 17:14 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Bureaucrats Sent Back to School to Study Russian

02.02.2007 10:47 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Orange Snow Falls in Russia’s Siberia

01.02.2007 12:34 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia`s Nuclear Power Industry to Choose Most Radiant Beauty

31.01.2007 12:01 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Woman Refuses Reward for Returning Lost $387000 in Cash Found by Her Dog



Putin Signs Bill to Set Up State-Owned Nuclear Industry Giant in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin

On Friday, April 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill to set up a state-owned nuclear power holding that will control the country’s civilian nuclear energy industry. The holding, called Atomenergoprom, will in turn become a part of a larger corporation that will control both civilian and military nuclear energy in Russia.



Living in Chernobyl Less Risky Than Passive Smoking — Study

satellite photo of Chernobyl NPP area, image by NASA

The risk of survivors of the Chernobyl accident dying early is far less than supposed, ranking about the same as exposure to air pollution or passive smoking, according to new research published on Tuesday.


Guide to Russia



Litvinenko’s Contacts Say British Media Lying About Murder Charges

Photo by the Associated Press

In an interview with the Russia Today television the two men at the centre of British accusations over the murder of former Russian security agent Aleksandr Litvinenko have denied the claims they were suspects in the case.




The Temptation of Vladimir Putin

Image by MosNews

The �2008 question� increasingly being put to Vladimir Putin is important not only for because it will decide who will lead Russia until 2012, but also because of its symbolic significance. Will the constitution be changed?



Putin Launches Presidential Race With Latest Reshuffle — Reports

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Ivanov / photo:

Vladimir Putin has placed his two most likely replacements in parallel positions in government to give them an equal chance ahead of expected presidential elections in 2008, Russian newspapers have said.


Russia’s Largest Wargame Festival

Every October Russian wargame fans gather near Moscow for the year’s biggest event — the “Moscow Lies Behind”. Thousands look on as the Red Army inevitably beats Wehrmacht, enjoying both the victory and the scrupulously reconstructed World War II uniforms and arms.


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