Although Pacific Western University was founded in February 1977, the University now has new ownership and an all new, but highly experienced, management team. Our faculty members, with excellent academic credentials and real-life practical experience, assist students in building competencies in areas critical to their success. PWU has developed new curriculum with the latest textbooks and learning materials, as well as distance education delivery systems to meet the individual needs of all of our students throughout the world.

Whatever the media of communication, students in a distance education program keep their employment and continue their education at their own pace. With PWU’s program, they have the advantage of freedom and flexibility supported by our faculty and staff who are only a phone call, fax or email away.

As PWU has been expanding its activities in the USA and abroad, and as it constantly seeks to improve its teaching methodologies with a view to meeting the rapidly changing needs of the business and professional communities, the University is striving to become the premier distance education system throughout the world.

The University currently offers six programs leading to degrees at the Associate, Bachelor and Master levels.

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