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Welcome to HIRAMEKI Community!

This is a community forum where the users of HIRAMEKI and AKIBAOTAKU can share their thoughts and get to know one another. We always love to hear your ideas on what sort of games you'd like to see us offer next; we're looking forward to a lively exchange of opinions, so please participate! We also run a blog of the latest anime, game, and manga-related news from Akihabara, the heart of Japan's otaku culture.

Note that some content on this site is viewable only by registered members. When you register, you'll also be able to sign up for our e-mail magazine, which is the best way around to keep yourself on the cutting edge of the otaku scene.

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We are currently conducting two surveys. Take one and get full access to our exclusive wallpapers!

"Animamundi" wallpaper is now available in the wallpaper download section. You can get access to this section by taking our survey on boys' games and bishoujo games. Those of you who have already taken the survey can download the "Animamundi" wallpaper from the URL we e-mailed you. Go check it out!

Survey on our current game lineup [The survey of Animamundi was added!]

Survey on boy's games and bishoujo games


This is the place to talk about HIRAMEKI games. Share your opinions and impressions, tell the world about your favorite titles and characters, swap playing tips, and more. A different forum is set up for each game, so go ahead and start a thread wherever you like.



Post on this board if you have any technical questions about HIRAMEKI games, or if you just need some help getting through one of them. A staff member will figure out the answer and let you know as soon as possible.

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AKIBAOTAKU.com is the store for anime and manga goods. Questions? Comments? Curious about the latest goods we have in stock? This is the place to go.

AKIBA Support

Ask Aoyama

Looking to increase your collection of fannish trivia? Submit your questions to the "Nani Sore? Ask Aoyama!" corner in our blog. Born and raised in Japan, Aoyama is a member of the all-otaku staff at the HIRAMEKI TOKYO Office, and he's ready to answer your questions on topics ranging from otaku to Japanese art, traditions, and society.

(If you have a question about events in the American anime world, or American anime fans, try the "Ask John" column here.)(^o^)/

Ask Aoyama


If you can't get to Akihabara - the world's most famous electronics district, and the cradle of otaku culture - then Akibablog is the next best thing. Look here for reviews of all sorts of anime goods, introductions to a few of Akibahara's most outstanding stores, and news on the latest trends in otaku culture and the anime industry.


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