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Монгол Mongol nekhmel-25 shares 250 tugrug per share, Bayangol ZB-34 shares 11000 tugrug per share, Monnoos-20 shares 640 tugrug per share, Momgol ceramic-18 shares 235 tugrug per share, Erdenet khivs-30 shares 379 tugrug per share, Savan trade-19 shares 80 tugrug per share, Mongol shuudan trans-174 shares 201 tugrug per share, Mongoliin tsakhilgaan kholboo-370 shares 1551 tugrug per share, Bayan itgelt-198 shares 11 tugrug per share, Gobi-1292 shares 1791 - 1801 tugrug per share, Mongoliin gegee-366 shares 100 tugrug per share, Ar bayankhangai-30 shares 15 tugrug per share, Baganuur-1103 shares 500 tugrug per share, Darkhan urguu-3 shares 70 tugrug per share, NIK-597 shares 380 tugrug per share, Zoos goyol-10 shares 260 tugrug per share, Aduunchuluun-1418 shares 191 tugrug per share, Ulsiin ikh delgyyr-17 shares 119 tugrug per share, Jenko Tur Bureau-2916 shares 100 tugrug per share, traded.
MSE Indexes
  Top 20 Index:
Stock Change C/price
MTR 51 201
ITL 1 11
ADL 1 191
GTB 0 100
BNG 0 11000
MNH 0 250
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Weekly Review
Between 07 May 2007 and 11 May 2007, there were 5 trades on Mongolian Stock Exchange, trading 53 stock companies 98.4 thousand shares with total transaction value of 27.0 million tugrigs. Top 20 index decreased by 23.7 points or 0.8%, closing at 2831.79 points compared with last week. Bayangol hotel, Gobi, Talkh chiher, Materialimpex, NIC stock companies share price were down. The most actively traded shares were Moningbar stock Company with 30.2 thousand, Genco tour bureau stock company with 17.4 thousand, Mongol savkhi Stock Company with 12.7 thousand, State department store stock company with 6.8 thousand shares. Total market capitalization of 385 stock companies listed on the Mongolian Stock Exchange reached to 181.8 billion tugrugs.
Date : 2007-05-11
by : Specialist, Trading & Research Department: B.Bayarbat
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