I don't live in a major urban area. How could a terrorist attack possibly affect my family?

How can I help motivate my friends and community to become more aware of current affairs and more involved in homeland security and the war on terror?

What can I do to help protect my family and community?

What is the Patriot Act and does it threaten my civil liberties?

What is the United Nations doing to combat terrorism?



  The Tyranny of Political Correctness
By Philip Atkinson

How many of us are aware of the extent to which the new thought police are eroding our free speech prerogatives throughout Western societies? FSM Contributing Editor Philip Atkinson’s expert evaluation is an important contribution to one of the premier issues of our times.

  ‘You Are Either With Us or Against Us’ Applies to Border Control Crisis
By Michael Cutler

Perhaps the most unsettling feature of the proposed “Guest Worker Amnesty” legislation now before Congress is the glaringly logical reality that it has increased the floodtide of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. every day. FSM Contributing Editor Michael Cutler explains.

  Vulnerability of Nigerian Oil Infrastructure Threatens U.S. Interests
By J. Peter Pham, Ph.D.

While our attention has been directed toward threats to our economy from terror attacks resulting in disruptions of oil shipments from the Middle East, a titanic situation has been brewing in Nigeria. FSM Contributing Editor J. Peter Pham, Ph.D., has this critically important story.

  Holding Women to Lower Standards
By Pamela Meister

If Hillary Clinton loses her bid to become the first female President, will the chattering classes say, “America just wasn’t ready for a woman Commander in Chief?” FSM Contributing Editor Pam Meister poses questions about gender dynamics. Does gender matter? See Pam’s conclusions.

  Drug Test Kits a Sad Commentary on Slipping Standard
By Col. Ken Allard (U.S. Army ret.)

After our national tragedy in Vietnam, the motto related to drug use in our military was, “Not in our unit – not in my Army!” FSM Contributing Editor Retired Col. Ken Allard has discovered a potentially explosive trend meriting your attention. Are drugs making their way into our Army?

  A Conversation with Tom Friedman
By Carol A. Taber

It’s rare at the FSM offices that we get to indulge in fun things. This is a serious business after all. But yesterday was an exception when we read Tom Friedman’s New York Times OpEd column. It was hilarious: the extent to which people will stretch to conjure up new reasons to condemn Iraq and President Bush are, well, hilarious. Enjoy!

  Homeland Security Information Network Needs to Be Better Coordinated
By Jim Kouri, CPP

The importance of streamlining the Homeland Security Information Network cannot be over-estimated. FSM Contributing Editor Jim Kouri brings his law enforcement expertise to an examination of what has already been accomplished and what HSIN must still do.

  Sustained U.S. Presence Critical to Security, Iraqi Spokesman Says
By Tim Kilbride

According to the latest information reported by Tim Kilbride of the American Forces Press Service, Iraqi government officials acknowledge the critical importance of our U.S. military presence in assisting the struggling Iraqi troops in their effort to become self-sufficient.

  Too Many Illegal Aliens
By Alan Caruba

How many millions of illegals streaming into the United States would constitute a foreign invasion? FSM Contributing Editor Alan Caruba’s latest commentary paints one of the most grimly realistic pictures you will ever see on the subject of when enough should be enough!


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