Imagine waking up on the campsite where Baden-Powell held the first experimental Scout camp. Camping on Brownsea has now been made much easier with the introduction of Camping Packages.

Packages are available from March to September between 2006 and 2008. They include all the tents, cooking and shared dining equipment needed – meaning you can arrive on Brownsea Island with just your personal equipment. You can download a full list of available equipment (see Downloads link). Full Camping Packages, or mix-and-match to meet your requirements are available. Equipment costs can be found on the equipment list.

What is it like to camp on Brownsea Island?

View Brownsea is an Island of natural beauty.  In the early morning before the visitors arrive, you’re likely to see red squirrels foraging for food.  Woodland has taken over most of the Island, rare wading birds flock to the lagoon, and the paths wander from cliff top views to sandy beaches.

50 acres of Brownsea have been set aside for Scout and Guide camping around the site of B-P’s first experimental Scout camp, in the south-west corner of the Island.

There are a variety of campsites, each of which can hold about 30 campers.  A wet weather shelter for emergency use is available at the Trading Post.

Activities available on the campsite include archery, a low ropes course, boating, swimming, orienteering and bird watching.


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