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Women's Issues

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Jobs for the girls report should be spur to action, says TUC
Welcoming the House of Commons Trade and Industry Committee report published today (Thursday), ‘Jobs for the girls: The effect of occupational segregation on the gender pay gap', TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “This report should be a spur to action for the government and employers. Its findings back up the work of trade unions and the Women and Work Commission.
7 April 2005

New European law to improve rights for working women
Welcoming the consultation launched today (Monday) by the Department of Trade and Industry into how the EU Equal Treatment Amendment Directive is to be incorporated into UK law, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “The new Directive will give a welcome boost to the rights of working women,
9 March 2005

TUC stands for Equality and Diversity
Equality and Diversity is an ever-present theme in TUC campaigning, but is more important now than ever, due to the unfortunate growing presence of organizations such as the BNP and the candidates they are standing in local and European elections across the region. The immediate priority is to ensure the far-right remain in the political wilderness and to keep the northern region ‘fascist-free'. The excellent work of last year will be continued and built upon, forging strong community coalitions and building trade unions capacity to challenge racism and fascism through specific trade union training. With the threat having moved exceptionally close to home at the start of this year; several key union figures in the fight against fascism have been targeted with threats of violence – including Claire Williams, regional convenor of Unison in the north east, the support of trade unions and activists is absolutely crucial.
14 April 2004

Women will have a lovely time the day they went to Bangor
Women from across North Wales will be flocking to Bangor on Saturday 6th March where the Wales TUC will be hosting a unique celebration as part of International Women's Week. A lovely day, there will be lunch on the way and all for under a pound you know. In fact it will be free.
6 March 2004

TUC and the Daycare Trust event on women, child poverty and childcare
Despite a huge effort and massive investment from the Government, there are still not enough childcare places to go around, and parents lucky enough to find something suitable often end up paying a high price.
20 January 2004

victims of domestic violence get help at work
The TUC announced on White Ribbon Day (Tuesday 25 Nov), the international day for the elimination of domestic violence against women, that over the coming year 35,000 trade union reps active in workplaces across the UK will be offered training to understand and support colleagues experiencing domestic violence.
25 November 2003

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