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          Max - A biography

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The reaction of the audience that night was integral to the evening's success. They were as important as the songs.

The people that packed the little room were Max's instruments, without them he couldn't play. The people's reaction was genuine and all embracing.

No-one who was there will ever forget the heady mix of laughter and song.

Following the success of the first album EMI were naturally eager to record a follow-up. However, not even they were prepared for the fact that the album - 'We all had Doctors' Papers'-would reach No.1 in the album charts. A feat which earned Max a place in the Guiness Book of Records as the only comedy album to achieve that coveted position.

It was about this time that the BBC offered Max his first T.V. series. This stayed with the trusted formula of live performance filming him at theatres all over Great Britain, which further enhanced his popularity and brought his talents to a much wider audience. The success of these programmes was reflected in the 'JICTAR' TV ratings. Filling the No.1 spot, it became the most watched programme in the country, returning astonishing viewing figures.

We all had Doctors' Papers




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