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Tintagel Excavations 1998

Anyone who regularly reads newspaper reports of archaeological digs, or that finds themselves drawn to archaeology by a chance report of a recent discovery will, no doubt, have been impressed by the amount of media attention focussed recently on a small piece of slate recovered during excavations at Tintagel Island on the North Coast of Cornwall. Headlines have spoken of "Arthur's Stone", and the letters pages of several national papers have hosted a lively debate on the historical and literary merits (and demerits) of the myth of King Arthur.

With these headlines in mind, the excavation team have decided to put in the public domain their initial thoughts on the important aspects of the excavations. The following pages are co-authored by Professor Chris Morris, who directed the excavation, with other members of the team, including Kevin Brady and Rachel Barrowman.

Click here for the excavation team's account of the Tintagel dig in 1998, what they found there, and why it is significant.

The Tintagel Excavations are a joint project sponsored by English Heritage and the University of Glasgow

For enquiries about the Tintagel dig contact Rachel Barrowman

Tintagel was originally presented for the WWW by William Kilbride. Unless otherwise stated, copyright is retained by the excavation team. Distribution is encouraged so long as authorship is acknowledged. The excavation team wish to acknowledge the assistance of Professor Charles Thomas.



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Last updated: May 4, 2004