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Black Rain

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"I can't believe I'm still here," Osbourne moans on his ninth solo album. "I should be dead." We're glad he's still here, but the fact is that the Prince of Darkness is usually only as good as the guitarist he's paired with. On Black Rain, longtime axman Zakk Wylde repeatedly breaks out generic metal riffs that were used to significantly better effect on 1991's No More Tears. The strongest track, "Black Rain," is basically "War Pigs" updated to reflect the war in Iraq. It's a reminder of how good Ozzy can be when given decent subject matter and a spooky riff -- and a beacon of hope that next year's rumored Black Sabbath reunion could restore Ozzy's glory. But this one is highly skippable.


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ringo2 writes:

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I like the single "I Don't Wanna Stop". If the rest of the CD is this good it deserves at least 3 stars

May 15, 2007 12:28:56

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