Corporate Introduction

Wherever Digital Media is Played

Licensed by thousands of developers of consumer electronic devices and applications, Gracenote's technology is available in virtually in any device that plays digital media, including home entertainment systems, MP3 players, car stereos, personal computers–even mobile phones.

The first step in media management begins with knowing what's in your collection. Today's consumer can quickly amass thousands of songs making media management critical to a consumer's experience. The ability to navigate and organize large music collections is largely dependent on accurately identifying and categorizing songs, albums and artists that it contains. Gracenote MusicID is the essential ingredient for digital media recognition of CDs, digital music files and streaming audio. With the most comprehensive database of music recordings in the world, the Gracenote Media Database contains more than 70 million tracks and 5 million CDs, spanning more than 200 countries and territories, and 80 languages.

Gracenote provides several enabling technologies that provide consumers with convenient ways of enjoying their media collections wherever they listen to music–on a PC, in the car, on a portable media player or on a cell phone. Gracenote Playlist's dynamic playlist generation technology allows the user to generate instant and intelligent music playback with the touch of a button. Gracenote MediaVOCS, speech recognition technology designed specifically for music, allows hands-free control of media collections. Users can simply speak a command to access playlists and individual songs. While users are enjoying their music, Gracenote also offers a convenient and integrated way to access related content. With Gracenote Link, listeners can access links to purchase full tracks, ringtones and videos.

Gracenote makes it easy for consumers to discover new media. Gracenote Discover is a global music recommendation engine that helps consumers find new music that exactly fits their mood and tastes. Powered by the Gracenote Global Media Database, the recommendations are based on three different types of analysis–music expert editorial, DSP analysis and global community preferences–offering developers the most comprehensive recommendation technology. Discover is also flexible enough to incorporate unique customer data into the recommendations.

Gracenote Products & Services

Gracenote MusicID: Makes your music manageable.
CD and digital file recognition and retagging.

Gracenote Discover: Let your next favorite song find you.
Music and music-related content recommendations.

Gracenote MediaVOCS: Say it, then play it.
Voice-controlled music navigation and playlisting.

Gracenote Mobile MusicID: Hear it. Find it. Buy it.
Streaming audio recognition.

Gracenote Playlist: Mix your music to match your mood.
One-touch automatic playlist creation.

Gracenote Link:
Rich content and commerce integration.

Gracenote Media Manager:
PC media manager and player with device synchronization.

Gracenote Media Database:

  • 5 million albums
  • 70 million tracks
  • 8 million audio waveform fingerprints
  • 17 thousand DVD titles
  • Regionally segmented popularity ratings
  • Multi-tiered international genre mappings

Facts & Statistics:

  • 80 languages supported
  • Content data from more than 200 countries and territories
  • Over 200 million units with Gracenote shipped to date
  • Over 15,000 licensees
Car Audio
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Portable Devices
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Handset Manufacturers and Integrators
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PC Software
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The company's solutions are embedded in leading media players, including Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music Engine, AOL Winamp, Real Rhapsody and Napster. Gracenote's technology also powers leading home and automobile consumer electronics brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, as well as international mobile music applications for KDDI (Japan), KTF (Korea) and Musiwave (Portugal).

Recent Awards:

  • CES 2006 Innovations Award Honoree, Software and Embedded Technologies
  • Top 100 Private Companies 2005: AlwaysOn
  • Top 100 Private Companies North America 2005: Red Herring