Game Title: Astro Go-Go
Developer: Meldac
Publisher: Meldac
Release Date: 1994
Cart Size: 8 Mbit
Players: 2
Battery Back-Up: Yes
Game Info: Yet another Mode 7 racer, but with BIZZARE grphics

Astro Go-Go is a strange game. On seeing still shots it looks like a hyper copy of F-Zero but upon playing, unfortunately this isn't even near it's class!!!
The view point is at such a bad angle you can't see corners until you are right at them. And while the game is fast, the graphics are crowded and confusing, plus there is a feeling that when you steer, it's the track that rotates and not the car that turns. Music also is of 8-Bit standard and has you reaching for the off button. The only redeeming feature (as with most games) is it's 2 player game, and does offer some level of fun.
Overall this is a strange F-Zero clone with no where near as much class.

Graphics: 74%
Sound: 64%
Gameplay: 77%
Lifespan: 68%

Overall: 69%




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