Who says Gran Gala tastes better? The Experts.

Imported GranGala scored highest with 94 points versus 86 points for Grand Marnier, judged by a panel of experts in a margarita taste test conducted by the Beverage Testing Institute. Imported GranGala was also judged best for orange flavor and smoothness.**

Imported GranGala’s rich, deep orange flavor is the result of artful blending of Italian VSOP brandy with the most carefully selected oranges from Sicily. Discover for yourself the exquisite flavor of Imported GranGala in a variety of exciting cocktails, or its elegant character straight up or on the rocks. Available in an elegant gift box, Imported GranGala is ideal for the holidays and celebrations of all kinds throughout the year.

You’re an expert at knowing what you like, and we think in your expert opinion you’ll agree that Italy’s answer to Grand Marnier - Imported GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur - tastes best!