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Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs is the anchor and managing editor of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. Dobbs also anchors a nationally syndicated financial news radio report, The Lou Dobbs Financial Report, and is a columnist for Money magazine and U.S. News and World Report.

In 1999, Dobbs founded, the first multimedia company dedicated to space and space-related content. He returned to CNN in 2001 to his current position. In February 2003, his personal interest in space exploration helped the network to cover the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. The day after the Columbia was lost, Dobbs traveled to Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., where he reported on the latest information on the story. Later in the year, Dobbs anchored nightly and reported the latest news on Operation Iraqi Freedom, interviewing multiple analysts and military experts to provide context during the conflict.

Dobbs became anchor of Lou Dobbs Moneyline the year he joined CNN and was instrumental in making Moneyline the most prestigious business news program in history. During his tenure at the network, he helped CNN become the leader in television business journalism and oversaw the launch of CNNfn and in December 1995. He managed the network as president of CNNfn and executive vice president of CNN until June 1999 when he left the network.

Dobbs has won nearly every major award for television journalism. He received the George Foster Peabody Award for his coverage of the 1987 stock market crash. In 1990, he was given the Luminary Award by the Business Journalism Review for his "visionary work, which changed the landscape of business journalism in the 1980s." In 1999, he received the Horatio Alger Association Award for Distinguished Americans and, in 2000, the National Space Club Media Award. Dobbs was named "Father of the Year" by the National Father's Day Committee in 1993. In 2004, the National Television Academy awarded Lou Dobbs Tonight an Emmy Award for "Exporting America" and the following year gave him its Lifetime Achievement Emmy for business and financial reporting.

In 2004, Dobbs received The Man of the Year Award from The Organization for the Rights of American Workers and the George J. Kourpias Excellence in Journalism Award from the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers for his contributions to the national debate on jobs, global trade and outsourcing. Dobbs was also presented with the Eugene Katz Award for Excellence in the Coverage of Immigration from the Center for Immigration Studies for his ongoing series "Broken Borders," which examines U.S. policy towards illegal immigration. He also received the Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership in Media Award at the 2004 Albert Schweitzer Leadership Awards Dinner for his commitment to helping high school students seek out, recognize and develop leadership potential. He is the author of the best selling book "Exporting America" and co-author of the book "Space."

He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economics. Dobbs serves on the boards of the Society of Professional Journalists Foundation, the Horatio Alger Association, the National Space Foundation and, in which he owns a minority stake, as he does in Integrity Bank. He is also a member of the Planetary Society, the Overseas Press Club, the American Economic Association and the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


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