The Elder Scrolls
Developed along with Battlespire, Redguard was our first attempt at a mass-market action adventure game. Inspired by Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia, and the Ultima series, it was put under the series of The Elder Scrolls Adventures; Redguard was developed to be a new breed -- a pure action-adventure game. You would talk to people through keywords, use items to solve puzzles, all progressing an epic story with the hallmarks of a classic adventure game. At the same time, you would explore dungeons, sword fight, swing and leap across chasms with all the flair of an action game.

One of the goals in Redguard was to focus our art time on one area and to see how detailed we could really make something with the XnGine. The island and town Stros M'kai, complete with its Dwarven Ruins, were a new landmark in real-time 3D environments.

Redguard was also the only Elder Scrolls game where you did not create your own character. You played Cyrus, a Redguard hero returning to his homeland. Cyrus was very popular here, and many stories were written about his adventures. This fueled various sequel concepts, as well as the comic book detailing his origin, which was included with the game's manual.

Also included with Redguard's manual was the now famous Pocket Guide to the Empire. By this time, Tamriel had grown to be one of the most interesting fantasy worlds ever created, but we had no book or reference that put all of the information in one place for people to enjoy. So the Pocket Guide was created to condense and reconcile all the lore and color mentioned in the previous games, as well as material already created for Morrowind. To this day it remains the definitive source for information on the world of The Elder Scrolls.

The story of Redguard begins as you, Cyrus, search for your sister, and ends up telling the story of the Reguard rebellion of 2E864.

From the moment Stros M'kai is in sight, Cyrus becomes engaged in the troubles of his homeland. Run-ins with both the Empire and the Reguard fanatics, the "Restless League," convince you that your sister has gotten herself into serious trouble. Eventually, you butt heads with Imperial Governor Richton, find out Iszara is part of the Restless League, and get sent to the death-trap ridden Catacombs. Escaping, you then contact the League and meet with their leader, a cautious and enigmatic Redguard named Basil. You learn that Iszara stole a soulgem (with Prince A'tor's soul inside) from the League and made off to Stros M'kai to try and restore the Crowns to power. Basil tells you, "find the soulgem and you'll find Iszara."

You return to Stros M'kai and learn from a Khajiit that Iszara had attempted to take the soulgem to N'gasta the Necromancer - the only sorcerer powerful enough to use it and restore Prince A'tor. But Iszara went to the Necromancer without precaution and ended up with her own soul stolen and the soulgem in the Empire's hands. You find the Flask of Lillandril, use it to vanquish N'gasta and restore Iszara, and join Iszara's cause.

You then recover the gem from the Empire's dragon and find a kinder, gentler sorcerer who can use the soulgem's magic, and then gather the League together to witness the restoration of Prince A'tor. The soul, however, does not go into the Prince's body but into his sword instead. Though the League becomes disheartened, you rally them, taking up your sword to fight the Governor and the Imperials yourself. As the League retakes the harbor of Stros M'kai, you enter the Palace through a secret entrance and catch up to Richton just as the Imperials are making their escape. You defeat the Governor in combat and win the day, igniting a revolution that spreads across the rest of Hammerfell.

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