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Monday, March 12, 2007

Update 2:Haptics in The Economist, the text and weblinks

The very influential business newspaper, The Economist, just published an article on haptics:

"How Touching. Computing: 'Haptic' technology is gradually bringing the neglected sense of touch into the digital realm" (Technology Quarterly, current issue, March 8th, 2007, print and electronic editions).

Read below the summary, go to the full article, and read about The Economist's wide reach and influential readership.

This article discusses recent advances in haptics, their business potential, and the growing importance of haptics for users of devices such as mobile phones. The article describes the advantages that a new, haptically-enabled Samsung handset has over the Apple iPhone, as well as the interest of Nokia in haptic technology.

The article is available here (subscription required). The following freely accessible version of the article does not include the weblinks that the full article at The Economist's website has, which are:

Dr. Gabriel Robles-De-La-Torre - Haptic Perception
Immersion Corp. Vibetonz
A press release on the future of touch screen mobile phones
The International Society for Haptics
Vincent Hayward's Haptics Lab at McGill University
The Apple iPhone

The Economist has a worldwide circulation of more than one million copies per week, sold in over 200 countries and reaching four million readers. The Economist has a global audience of senior business, political and financial decision-makers.

I thank Vincent Levesque and Jerome Pasquero for the link to the republished article.


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