NEWS 14th APRIL 2007

 Howdy again. Just a short bit of ground breaking news that I had to announce. After all, if there is anything that was ever going to take priority over our upcoming New York material, then it had to Transformers related.

 This is a magazine cover from "Broadcast" and as you can see, it reveals a new logo and information on the next Transformers animated series. Rumours were abound on the internet that the next series to replace the "Unicron Trilogy" of cartoons would be entitled "Transformers Heroes." However, as you can see here, the word "heroes" is not mentioned at all.

 The logo itself is very "Toonami-ish" and reminds me of "Sonic-X" and so it makes me wonder if the line is being reset to a younger age group. After all, if you follow the design lineage of toys from Armada, through to Energon and The Cybertron toys, we can see how Hasbro/Takara may have hooked in a young age group with Armada's kid friendly designs, and then updated the toys as those children got older to keep them with the overall Transformers brand. It is just a personal theory, but perhaps this line will be aimed at the younger age groups again (although still perfectly acceptable for children, and fans, of all ages) in order to hook a new generation. Of course, this is all in the shadow of the upcoming movie...

 I have heavily watermarked the image, and I must apologise for that. However, as stated, it was because the last time Siab Studios had a Transformers "exclusive" (I was a subscriber to Empire Magazine in the UK and as such I received a special collector's only cover of that month's magazine featuring the first full "official" public render of Optimus Prime at least a week before it was released and used elsewhere. Fat Bastard Harry Knowles of "Aint It Cool (Shit) News" robbed the image from a different Transformers board (who HAD credited us fairly) and took the credit for themselves. Even though it had my coffee table and probably my breakfast in the background of the image. No credit for the exclusive was given, even after I emailed asking politely.

 Anyhow, begin your speculation, but 26 Episodes plus a 90 minute special of a new Transformers franchise can be no bad thing. Especially if this one is being produced in the US rather than Japan so as to go some way back from redeeming the Transformers cartoons from their rather too Manga-like recent appearances.

 Peace out to anyone except Harry and co. Col xxx

NEWS 11th APRIL 2007

NEWS 18th MARCH 2007

 Hello one and all. Well, it certainly has been a very busy month for the whole SiabS team. Antony O'Hanlon has had a whirlwind double-whammy month. First of all, he not only got to review his all time favourite band, Jet, but he also managed to get a photo pass for the gig. This was his personal "Jim'll Fix It" moment and the fruits of his labours can be seen here However, he wasn't allowed to rest for too long because he was once again asked by Hulme Hall to be the Official photographer for their Formal Ball as he was in 2006. The stunning results of all the lads and lasses in their best get up can be seen here

 The picture of Phil Drinkwater here was taken on that shoot at The Palace hotel. Which leads us nicely onto Phil's news as this picture features his very own updated SiabS Members Page which features his short films. Unfortunately, Youtube pulled down "Sex It Up" as they deemed that the film broke their terms and conditions. We objected to this but can also understand why it was pulled down because try as might, we could not find a way to "rate" the film ourselves for adult only viewing. The mild sexual content, allusions and language could be seen by younger viewers, but we argued that Youtube itself has no function that would have allowed us to move the film into another bracket. It seems easier, for them, to simply remove any such content. And so the full film has now been replaced with a trailer while we work on a way to move the film somewhere else, hopefully to Myspace. Our final update sees Daniel Warhurst also updating his page with various photographic and Photoshop works. His stuff can be seen here

 So that's everyone else's news, what about moi? Well, of course I had to design the afore-mentioned webpages for Daniel and Phil. Phil has also been mad busy working on the script for "Untitled Woody Allen" project and I've been chipping in where I can. Spattered amongst all this I've still been trying to work on the BBC "The Great Unheard" Music Video project, but my editing machine in work went down and caused a massive hitch in this which I hope to correct this week.

 I've also been toying around with a few shots for a miniature Transformers documentary and of course I've got two music videos on the go as usual... The first one will use shots of Manchester town centre which are also part of "Untitled Woody Allen Project" and so I think I am doing my bit for recycling. I also spent last Saturday and The Dog & Partridge in Bolton helping Daisy Goes Green shoot a music video that I'm making alongside some guys in work at the BBC. I won't be editing that one, but I have helped produce and shoot it. The final results will probably go online here so stay tuned for what maybe the funniest video I've worked on yet.

 Other than that, we're trucking onwards and upwards. Who knows, maybe the next update news-wise will be post New York... You maybe lucky enough to get a trailer from us...

 Love and hugs people, love and hugs.


 It was about time we asked Phil Drinkwater and Daniel Warhurst on board officially seeing as we are always working together anyway... And so we did. See the results here

 Rather fitting, seeing as how the biggest project we have ever undertaken has begun...

 Stay tuned.

NEWS 28th JANUARY 2007

 Howdy do. Quick update this week with the upload of my first ever student film that was made back in our second year of University. You can see it here of course in the film section.

 I have been quite busy and so there are no new pics or projects to report as of yet (all our effort is going into the NYC film at the moment) and of course we had our film quiz test run at Phil's house. And that is where this week's news picture is from.

 Peace out for now. Col x

NEWS 16th JANUARY 2007

 Happy New Year one and all. I think I have just about recovered from the Christmas excess! Any news to report? Well, the thing we're most busy with at the minute is planning a trip to NYC in April to go and make a film!

 If all goes to plan (bet I've jinxed it now!) then Phil, Antony, Dominique and myself will be taking in the city that never sleeps and whilst we are there, hopefully, we are going to spend a few days making a short film. Details under wraps for now... Not because of secrecy, but because we haven't wrote anything yet! Haha! Keeping up my usual modus operandi...

 I have been working on a few other things though and because I know you guys are absolutely fixated on anything new I add, there are some panoramic photos in the misc photos section and a new drunken Christmas video in the mobile phone video section. (For anyone who knows about the now infamous "Christmosh", we are working on getting it online. For now, this is the only Santa video up and running!)

 Erm... That's it for now, hope you enjoy our new snazzy SiabS front page and my banners which will be coming fast furious as I add them. Oh yeah, and if you see any bands with music videos, send them this way for the BBC Big Screen!

 oh yeah... It's 2007...

Giant Funkin Robots Are Coming!!!


 Hello and goodbye, for 2006 at least. For the eagle eyed amongst you, you will see that I have updated my website AGAIN! Version 8.0 I think it is now. However, my new year's resolution will be to stick with this one and concentrate and adding new content rather than moving existing content around a bit! To that end, and in the Christmas spirit, I've added some Xmas pics from our night out on the 23rd Dec to the Friends & Family section of the site. Christmas rocked, and I got lots of presents, including some Transformers (whew!) and a cardboard cutout of a certain favourite Star Wars character of mine as you can see in the pic.. Friends & Family section of the site.

 It only leaves me to sum up and say thank you everyone for your support over the year. It's been a busy one, and an odd one in places too. But we've seen new music vids from Cohesion, The Sound Marshals and The Chase. It was great working with the former two for the first time ever, and we hope to do so again in the future. We've also seen some BBC Big Screen action with Se7en being shown on the big screen as part of the summer video line up on Exchange's Squares big TV screen. Antony has also been taking photographs for the famous Itchy Guides and you can see his work over on his website.

 The most significant difference as far as Siab Studios was concerned was in the 'halving' of our old website into two individual websites for both myself and Antony O'Hanlon. We're still very much media bunk buddys and we have no intention of letting that end. HE just wants his own website to show off his superior photography skills! And I suppose my site leaves me room for my ego without cramping his style, so it's all good as long as you check up on both our sites! Without being too slushy and sentimental I'll simply sum up what should be coming in 2007...

  • More music videos & photography from the music scene

  • Col's Transformers project stepping up a gear

  • And, hopefully, a short film made by Siab Studios due to be filmed in New York City this coming March...

  • The real world will also see Pirates 3, Spiderman 3, Die Hard 4 and of course Transformers hit the big screen. 2007 will be a heck of a year to be reckoned with...

Hope you had a great Xmas,
rock on for 2007 everyone. Love Col


  Hello amigos and perhaps goodbye; for 2006 anyhow. This update will probably be the last in terms of new content, but I'm sure I'll write and end of year speech thingy before 2007 kicks in, maybe on Xmas day! So if I don't see you before, have a great festive season and a totally amazing new year. And with more films, music videos and stuff from us at Siab Studios, plus a great year in cinema coming up with Pirates 3, Spiderman 3 and Transformers The Movie, what isn't to look forward to? But I'll have a rant about all that later.

  For now I have updates to the following sections... In my Landscapes page I have updated some pictures of my recent break to Ingleton up North in the countryside. A wicked place made all the better by my girlfriend's amazing family who always welcome me in and make sure there is always wine in glass and food in my belly! Some amazing photos (well for me anyway) courtesy of Antony's camera (cheers mate!) Then in the Transformers page I've done a bit of tidying up and added one or two more links to my fellow creative Transformers fans and Stooges. Most importantly, I have begun "live development" on my long awaited Transformers Project - It's a live work in progress so that viewers can have a say in how I design it before it is finished; an international R&D; session if you like. So please, if you want a say in how it will look, let me know! And finally, I have added another one of Phil Drinkwater's short films; this time it is his gore horror film, "Home Sweet Home." Please watch, enjoy and leave some feedback on YouTube

  That's it for now except to say thanks for all your kind words regarding Sleep Paralysis - It really does mean a lot from every single one of you when you say you enjoyed my film; or that it scared the pants out of you! - Laters, sleep tight, Col

When I met Optimus Prime in person


  Joyeux Noel! That's Merry Christmas en Francais to you Eeenglish Kee-ni-gots! Nothing like quoting Monty Python for no reason at all to open a new bulletin eh? Not much to add this week other than the fact I have added my horror film Paralysis to my short film section. I have also added a video of our mate Paul passed out at Cromwell in the mobile phone/fun section. Christmas is a coming and I have a Santa Claus suit. Beware if you've been naughty as I will come and eat you. Bwahaha! No, really I'm kidding. Have a good Christmas and I hope to have some news or stuff to report before this year is out. Peace, Col


  Well. It's the end of the month, and quite exciting it's been too. The SiabS night, Cohesion video Premiere, surprise Chase video, a photoshoot and lots of stuff happening with the BBC Big Screen too.

  Tonight I have added a Transformers section to my site. If you don't know much about Robots In Disguise, most of it will be lost on you. But it's what I spend the rest of my time obsessed with when I'm not looking after bands, stressing about films, running around filming and spending money in places where I shouldn't.

  A great month of cinema too, with Bond, Pan's Labyrinth and The Prestige being in the top 5 Colin Warhurst films of this year. All the best things happen in November; not just my birthday.

  Stay tuned for more films coming in December, hopefully a Transformers webring being made by the Stooges, and news of Phil Drinkwater and I working on a new film... Laters True Believers!


  Someone told me today that my old website was cack. So I present v7.0 of Siab Studios (my bit at least) done in ONE DAY. I adopt a smug grin and leave you be until next time. Possibly another public showing of "The Train" coming soon so please stay tuned. Love, Col. x


  Just a quick update today folks. Head over to my Collaborations page to see Phil & Jennifer Drinkwater's short film "Sex It Up." I'm proud and honoured to host the film on this site as it is truly a great short film and my way of saying thanks to Phil for playing on the SiabS night on Nov 3rd. Cheers amigo. Everyone else, enjoy the film and let us know what you think. Cheers.

NEWS 15th OCTOBER 2006

 Woah! Many, many apologies for the gap between updates. Ironically I'd been so busy with real life Siab Studios events that I had no time to advertise them on Siab Studios itself! I was doing all that through myspace as it was quicker... and I could also access that in work! Anyone who was there will know; WE HAD THE FIRST SIAB STUDIOS NIGHT ON FRI 3rd NOVEMBER! And it rocked. True, I also made it my de-facto birthday celebrations as I had turned 24 years young on Nov 1st.

 So yes, all my time since filming The Chase for what was a "remake" was spent exhaustively editing both Cohesion's Can't Ignore video and working on what everyone believed to be the Se7en remake. It was a night of Premieres; Cohesion chose to use the night to unveil Can't Ignore deliberately. The Chase had no say in the matter because until the night itself, nobody actually knew I was working on their literally brand new song... The Train! It was a pleasant surprise all round, and the decision to make a video for this song was made at the eleventh hour. We had genuinely wanted to do another Se7en, but two days after filming, The Chase went into the studio to record two brand new tracks. Well, I was hardly going to 'waste' all my cracking new footage on an older song when their was fresh content to be had was I?

 It was a top night, and I'll have some pics up soon. But the biggest thanks goes out to the three bands who played the evening (all of whom are featured here!) so thanks again to Cohesion, The Chase and of course, Rolf's Cartoon Club (a.k.a. Phil Drinkwater of "Han Solo Baby" fame). Many thanks to everyone for turning up, for my long suffering missus who now hates my computer for stealing me away for a whole month, and to her parents for borrowing us a projection screen! Thanks to Cohesion's management and The Rampant Lion for hosting the night after the BBC fell through, and of course thanks to Mr Antony O'Hanlon who is of course the other half of Siab Studios and without whom none of this would be possible. Thanks to Riley for providing snaps (ironically Antony and I were too busy to take pics of our own media night! What's that about?) including me in my "Spiderman suit" I promised to wear.

NEWS 15th OCTOBER 2006

 Hello once again true believers. I said I wouldn't spend the weekend sat in front of the computer playing with the website... but that's exactly what I've done. I have given it a bit of a more technological facelift. Who knows, maybe I'll be happy with this one and never ever change it. I quite like it and I listened to the feedback on the first version that was up so hopefully this works for everyone. No new content up I'm afraid as all my time went into the facelift. The facelift was prompted by an even better flash slideshow than the one I had. It's freeware and can be found at It's a nice bit of kit and makes gallery creation a lot easier, so I hope to have a load of pictures up next week. I suppose I had better plug too as that is where my new spinny menu came from. Still grafting on the Cohesion video, although I did get to write another BBC review for The Chase which should be up later this week. I'm off to enjoy what's left of the day by walking the dog, having Sunday lunch and maybe grabbing a pint somewhere. Today's news was brought to you by the number 8 and the letter Q.

NEWS 05th OCTOBER 2006

 What? Another uptake so soon? Shouldn't I be doing something worthy? Well YES. Check this out that I just filmed with my friend Philip Drinkwater. Soon to be seen all over the interweb and Xmas No 1 no doubt.

NEWS 04th OCTOBER 2006

 A quick update, especially for me so soon after the last one. Shouldn't I be doing something more important? Well yes, and the first order of business was to fix the errors that were part of this site when I launched it on the 1st. I won't bore you with details, but they're fixed now. Thanks for the feedback, and for those of you who didn't think the site is flamboyant enough, tough. Only kidding, but I am keeping this site deliberately simple so that I can update easier and to also let the content (hopefully) speak for itself. Plus, I don't know how to handle Flash all that well at all...

 However, on the upshot and as part of tonight's fixing of the website, I have added some pics to the Graphics and Photoshoot sections. I needed to pretty sharpish as I realise Antony has all the super pics from our old photoshoots and so I have to raid the archives until I take some new stuff!

 And so finally for today, I will tell you what I was up to with The Chase last night. We were filming (and Antony was taking snaps) for the remake of Se7en. "A remake" you say? Well yes. The old video had our mate and former band member Chris Ward in it, and seeing as how he is no longer in the band we decided that Se7en needed an update (and in widescreen to match the others). So yesterday I spent the evening in the Greenhouse Practise rooms in Stockport with the band remaking my first vid. Oh the nostalgia... So now I'm busy editing two videos... Best dash!

NEWS 01st OCTOBER 2006

 Welcome to the new Colin Warhurst Website. This is my own half of which is the collective name that both myself and Antony O'Hanlon usually operate under when working together. As usual, I've made myself too busy with lots of things, and so this site will be yet another of my Works In Progress... This site will be a bit different from the older versions of SiabS as I will upload a lot of content to things such as YouTube and Myspace in order to save a bit of my own webspace and for easier sharing. This will most likely be the case for videos in the friends section or for particularly lengthy videos whilst my music videos will remain on my own webspace so I can control quality settings. In some cases, there will be both. I hope you enjoy what's up so far and what will go up over the next couple of days. As for what I have going on at the moment, I'll be helping the BBC with their next run of music videos for the Big Screen, I'm helping to officially promote The Chase and do their website. I'm also still editing a video for Cohesion as well as doing all this on my site. As I say, busy busy. Col.