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Robin Wood

Home Page:

Roleplaying Game Credits:
Book Publisher Credit
Glantri: Kingdom of Magic (Mystara) (1995) TSR, Inc. Illuminated Letters
Mark of Amber (Mystara) (1995) TSR, Inc. Illuminated Letters
Karameikos, Kingdom of Adventure (Mystara) (1994) TSR, Inc. Illuminated Letters
Night of the Vampire (Mystara) (1994) TSR, Inc. Illuminated Letters
Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix II: Children of the Night (1993) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Incursion High Adventure Across the Galaxy (1992) Tri Tac Systems Cover Artist
Treasures of Greyhawk (1992) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts (Ravenloft) (1992) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Nightwatch In The Living City (Forgotten Realms) (1991) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Complete Thief's Handbook, The (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) (1989) TSR, Inc. Interior Artist
Time of the Dragon (Dragonlance) (1989) TSR, Inc. Cover Artist
Monsters of Myth and Legend (Role Aids) (1984) Mayfair Games Inc. Interior Artist
Magazine Credits:
Magazine Credit
Dragon #191 (Mar 1993) Cover Artist
Dragon #181 (May 1992) Cover Artist
Dragon #159 (Jul 1990) Cover Artist
Dragon #149 (Sep 1989) Cover Artist
Dungeon #5 (May/Jun 1987) Cover Artist

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