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Ingo Nugel - In Memorium
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Nugel Brothers: Ingo (left) and Henning (right) at their studio based in Germany.

We regret to inform our readers that Ingo Nugel of the music and sound production team Nugel Bros. Music recently passed away in Germany. He died from cancer. Our thoughts are with his family, in particular his brother Henning.

Ingo's game credits, working alongside Henning, included music and sound production for Darkstar One (Ubisoft), Cultures (THQ), Football Manager 2 (EA Germany) and the award-winning soundtrack to The Moment of Silence (in partnership with Dynamedion) as well as remixes for the popular Amiga game music album, Immortal 3 among others. Today, we received the following letter from Henning.

"I'm sorry to tell you that my brother Ingo of Nugel Bros. Music died on March 25, 2007 in hospital in Essen, Germany. We never told you, but Ingo had developed a cancer, a lymphoma in 2005. He went through several chemotherapies and at the end of 2005 it seemed that he had beaten the disease. But in November 2006 he was diagnosed again with this same kind of cancer. Still, there was hope.

He went through two chemotherapies and a high dosis therapy in a university hospital in Essen. Unfortunately he developed a severe pneumonia while lying in hospital and on March 16th they had to put him into intensive care. As his lungs were breaking down they had to put him into an artificial coma. Till last Saturday he seemed stable, but on Sunday the infection or some kind of sepsis took over. We could only sit there and watch how the heart beat slower and slower and at last stopped. I can't tell you how hard it was for me to see my brother lying there, dying. I still can't comprehend it. I'm so devastated and really don't know how I will carry on without him."

Brothers Ingo (left) and Henning (right) at their digital audio workstation.

Aaron Marks of On Your Mark Music Production had the following to say about his colleague and friend: "It is an incredible shock to hear that Ingo has passed.  Ingo and Henning have been great friends of mine for many years and I assumed they would always be there, together, to share in a laugh or offer words of encouragement when times were tough.  We’ve shared so much over the years – music, advice, friendship and even the weather from our different parts of the world.  It’s been one of the greatest gifts to call these two brothers my friends.

Ingo was always proud of his music and I was privileged to hear music they were both working on.  Awestruck would be an understatement to describe how I felt about their work, for some reason, they always struck a certain chord with me and I loved everything they sent.  Their ear for music, their musicianship and the heart they put into it was what made this team so powerful.  When they approached me to work with them on the Settlers II soundtrack, I could hardly contain myself. 

Being involved on that project was a remarkable experience and finally seeing them in action was amazing.  Not only can they create incredibly evocative music but they are both extraordinarily honest and caring, always worried about what I thought or if my needs were taken care of - it was never, ever about them.  I always respected that.         

A conversation I had with Ingo about a year ago really stands out as the quintessential 'Ingo Nugel.'  Things were a bit difficult for me at the time and I was pretty down.  Ingo’s response was unbelievably encouraging and supportive, so much in fact, I found great strength and wisdom in his words and decided at that moment to take charge of my life again and refocus on what was important to me - it was a very profound moment.  I didn’t know he was in the middle of this ongoing battle at the time but it all makes sense now, that moment is even more special.  I can never repay him for that.

Ingo was a kind, generous and truly decent human being and I will miss him greatly.  My thoughts and prayers are with Henning, his family and to all who were touched by him."

Jan Zottman, producer of the Immortal Amiga game music compilations, said: "I am shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news of Ingo's untimely passing. Ingo and his brother Henning contributed essential parts of my latest CD project and I've always been amazed by their professionalism and enthusiasm alike. Personally, I have come to know Ingo as a gifted musician and a very likeable and friendly character. My thoughts are with Henning and the whole Nugel family who must be devastated."

Pierre Langer, Managing Director of Dynamedion, who collaborated with Ingo and Henning on The Moment of Silence, commented, "It was always a great pleasure to work with Ingo, he was a very talented and exceptionally likeable person. Everybody who had the chance to meet him will agree that this is a terrible loss for us all – to die so young, although he never gave up and was optimistic until the end. We should all be with Henning in such times – there was a really strong and special connection between the two brothers, the gap he left will not easily be filled."

Thomas Boecker, organiser and producer of the GC Symphonic Game Music Concert Series: "It is shocking news, and I am terribly sad about it. Together - Ingo, Henning and myself - we were planning to perform the Nugel Bros. music at the 5th annual concert in August. It was especially Ingo's dream to have his music presented in Leipzig and he was so happy to hear that it would finally happen in 2007. This year's concert will be dedicated to Ingo."

Ingo Nugel RIP.

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