GAM Gets Solo PVs

17 05 2007

Rumored screenshot of the 1st GAM ~Amai Yuuwaku~ limtied edition bonus DVD menu. Click to enlarge.

Hurtwou of Jpopmusic posted the above pic what seems to be a screenshot of the 1st GAM~Amai Yuuwaku~ limited edition DVD. Although there is no source stated, it seems pretty legit. You will notice that there is an Aya version and Miki version of Melodies in addition to the dance shot version of Lu Lu Lu. These seem to be PVs although I don’t remember them having any shots apart in the original, so who really knows.

The CD will be released on May 23rd and will retail for 3,150 yen while the limited edition (with bonus DVD) can be purchased for 3,780 yen. If you would like to preorder the single you can find links to online retailers below.



6 responses to “GAM Gets Solo PVs”

17 05 2007
18 05 2007
Cham (06:50:21) :

This is cool but why melodies and lu lu lu. i rather see thanks or something as a solo song.

18 05 2007
Chobi (17:56:07) :

Oh, awesome! Ever since I heard the Piano Versio of melodies I though that solo versions of the song would sound great!! ^^ (The best part is they made PVs for them) And I’ve been dying to see a dance-shot version of LU LU LU. Thanks for sharing!! ^_^

19 05 2007
wakaba_doll (12:13:20) :

I’m really excited about the LU LU LU dance shot ver.!

19 05 2007
Ayumi (15:15:58) :

About the Melodies thing… does anyone remember how Miki sang Melodies solo in the Morning Curry concert? Or one of those… anyway, maybe Aya did the same thing, and it’s just concert footage? Just saying~ It would be awesome if there was a seperate PV for both though!

19 05 2007
Nyago (18:51:08) :

I was thinking about that too, Ayumi but it doesn’t seem to make any sense to re-release a performance that’s a couple of months old. I’m actually hoping for a performance though.

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