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The Vancouver Courier’s story, from its beginning as the tiny independent Eburne News in 1908, to its current status as Canada’s largest distribution community newspaper, mirrors the vibrant city it has served for more than nine decades.

The new millennium version produces four editions weekly, including separate west and east editions on Wednesday, a citywide edition Friday, and a downtown edition delivered on Friday.

The paper changed hands three times in the last 10 years—purchased first by the national Southam chain, which recognized its profitability and local market share; then by international media giant Hollinger, which saw the Courier as the plum in a deal that included a dozen or so other B.C. community newspapers; and finally by Canwest Global, which views the Courier and our Lower Mainland sister papers as perfect vehicles to augment its radio, television, print and Internet properties in the new century.

All the changes in upper level management didn’t prevent the Courier editorial department from continuing to do what it has always done—provide first rate coverage of local news and entertainment to Vancouver readers. In the process, the paper was twice named best community newspaper in B.C. and was second runner-up in the Canadian Community Newspaper Association’s general excellence competition. Individual writing awards piled up on reporters’ mantels as judges in local, national and international competitions recognized the paper’s high editorial standards. The Courier’s innovative design has also been lauded, in particular its unique front page, designed by Peter Cocking and featuring the work of photographer Randall Cosco.

Despite heavy competition from two daily newspapers, the Courier remains the paper of record for civic news in Vancouver, delivering news that’s closer to home to every doorstep in the city—more than 265,000 papers weekly.


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