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WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? back to top
This documentation was meant to be complete. But nothing says you have to read it all. If you're eager to get started, just follow the Simple Installation Instructions and play. The rest is provided to answer questions, provide information, etc. Vice City is wide open. All missions are available from the start. You can play them over and over without any side effects like gangs suddenly hating you, etc. This also includes Rampages, Unique Jumps, etc. I've also included main.scm.txt which is a text representation of the main.scm for use with Barton Waterduck's Mission Builder. The beauty of including this instead of making you decompile it yourself is twofold. For one, any notes I took (I don't take many) are intact including the notations for the parked cars which many will find helpful. Also, this was saved as text every step from the beginning. So any addressing you see is in accordance with a fresh main.scm. This means that if you'd like to take the work I've done to research how certain things worked or how I did something, it will be a lot easier. I was able to cut out about 14,000 lines of code (no exaggerations). Written for Mission Builder 0.22.

Open up the folder where you installed VC. There are 3 files included in the ZIP you downloaded: main.scm, play12.txd and american.gxt. You will be replacing those 3 files, though replacing play12.txd is a bit more complex and IS optional. It is not only recommended, but REQUIRED that you back up your originals first. It is in your best interest to do so. So browse to your "data" folder where the main.scm file is and browse to your "TEXT" folder where american.gxt is. Take your originals and copy/paste them to a safe location OR rename them to something like mainORIGINAL.scm or americanBACKUP.gxt. Then put the main.scm and american.gxt into their appropriate folders of "data" and "TEXT" respectively. To replace the play12.txd, grab Spooky's IMG Tool. Use it to open up your gta3.img in your /models/ folder (again, back up first). Search for play12.txd and extract it to a safe backup place. Delet play12.txd in gta3.img and then import the one from Timetwister VC. Rebuild the archive. Launch Vice City and enjoy! (again, the play12.txd replacement is optional and if you do replace it, it replaces the Frankie clothes pickup in Vercetti Mansion)

This section is designed to let you know what has changed from the standard Vice City. It was my goal to keep the game as close to what it was as possible so that those who are familiar with it will be comfortable with it while those who aren't will learn about the game as it normally is for the most part. So here goes. First of all, the islands are fully open. All gates are open. All interiors are available. The Haitian compound is destroyed from the beginning to make the Minigun pickup there accessible. It still functions as expected during the mission Trojan Voodoo. Likewise, the Tarbrush Cafe will always be pristine, but will function normally during Cop Land. The ladders that swivel down during G-Spotlight are down to begin with. Likewise, the elevator used during that misison is open from the start so you can do all Unique Jumps. All random articles in both Ocean View and Vercetti Estate are available.

Just like above, this is to let you know what has changed as far as vehicle availability. I wanted to make just about every vehicle readily available for the sake of completeness and experimentation. So all vehicles that are parked in the game are unlocked and alarm-free. Those are the general rules. Here are some specific ones:

A lot of the rules have changed. Forgive me if this does not cover everything as I'm sure I'll overlook something.

This section will cover what was changed on various jobs not already covered above. I made every effort to keep things as close to original as possible, but this wasn't always possible. Jobs that change how a gang feels about you, how populous the gang population is, etc will no longer make such changes. Here's what's different:

THE BENEFITS "MENU" back to top
ALL NEW to the VC version... The benefits menu takes things like infinite run, the benefits of 100%, and even gang hatred and puts it all in control of the user. Any time you are on foot and not already on a misison, simply stand still and press sprint and aim at the same time and you will be warped atop the stadium. There, you will see 9 vehicles, each representing a different benefit in the game as follows:

For the options with 3 pickups, you have low, medium, and high. Simply walk into the one you want. For the ones with the pink spheres, walking into them will automatically toggle that option. Regardless of what change you make, text will appear on screen alerting you of the change and you will be warped back to the center. To go back to where you were, simply head north out of this alcove. Keep in mind that when you warp back, the car you were driving will probably be there, but parked cars in the vicinity will not be. Warp wisely.

CREDITS / THANK YOUS back to top
First and foremost, direct thanks go to Ka-BOOM for contributing the new shirt artwork for TTVC and to Craig Kostelecky both for moral support and for helping (he did 80% of the work) me to make the Rampages infinite. Additional thanks go to Barton Waterduck. Without his Mission Builder 0.22, none of this would've been possible. Also, huge thanks to Abyss for his creative input, playtesting, and hours of putting up with my obsession with GTA3. Thanks to the saracoglu and Delfi for Admin Console and DATA Tool. From a developer's standpoint, these applications saved me an immesureable amount of time. This mod will hopefully serve as a valuable companion to them. Thanks to TGR who has gone well out of his way time and time again to make me feel welcome in the GTA community. Thanks to gtaforums.com for providing one central location to talk about our favorite game. Without the wealth of information available there, I'm not sure where any of us would be. Thanks to gtawip.com for many reasons. Thanks of course go to CyQ who was responsible for cracking the code of GTA in the first place and who puts up with my constant yammering. Thanks to illspirit for admitting he was wrong about me and advocating for my reinstatement to GTAForums. Thanks for everybody who believed in me despite pressure to do otherwise, most notably being PatrickW, loseruser, and Big Vinny. There are too many members of the community who deserve my thanks either for being helpful or just being tremendous contributors to the community to name. Thanks to anybody who takes the time to help others by giving them assistance, giving them tools to mod with, or giving them quality mods to keep this community energized. And of course thanks to Rockstar Games. They haven't been extremely helpful, but they did provide us with the greatest game of all time and tolerate all of our modding it.

SUPPORT back to top
This mod has been playtested to some degree and is released to be free of bugs. However, nobody's perfect, especially with a project of this magnitude. So if you experience a bug, feel free to stop in at gtaforums.com and let me know. Same if you really like this mod and/or have recommendations for ways future releases could be better. But I'm interested in ANY feedback anybody is willing to put the time into.

ABOUT THIS MOD back to top
Still here? This section is only for those who may be wondering why somebody would make such a mod. The answer is simple. I have a collection of save games and I am constantly loading up different ones to research different aspects of the game or to take screenshots for others. I have shortcuts in the right folders to make this process as painless as possible. Nevertheless, it would take a lot less time if I could just jump in and do it. When I thought about the possibilities of making this, all of the useful side effects that others could get from it came rushing in. Once I realized how useful it would be, I HAD to make it. I'm just happier it was so much easier and quicker than I originally thought!

Timetwister VC was written and designed by Demarest. Find more of my creations at tfads.com.