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Daryl Bradford Smith
with Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid

Christopher Bollyn met with Davis University Professor Cahill who discovered tiny metal spheres floating in the air near the WTC rubble. These spheres are produced only when molten metal is blown into the air, and their tiny size is one of the reasons so many people are suffering serious health problems from breathing the air. Bollyn wrote about Cahill's analysis last year:

Bollyn met with professor Steven Jones and provided him with Cahill's information. However, Professor Jones is surrounded by liars who have been trying to sabotage and control the 9/11 information and suppress those of us who expose the Zionist connection, so they will not promote any of Bollyn's work.

It doesn't matter whether Professor Jones is naive or working with these criminals. It is the effect that is important. These people are trying to get control of 9/11 and push aside the people who expose the Zionist connection.

Some people wonder if we are jealous because we don't get much attention, but this is not a struggle over attention. Rather, it is a struggle for control of the 9/11 information. We expose the Zionist connection, and they protect Zionists and blame the Goys.

The Internet is allowing ordinary people to expose 9/11 as a Zionist false flag operation. The Zionists cannot stop millions of people around the world so they are trying to get control of the 9/11 movement so that they can shift the blame to Bush, Cheney, and the other people that they are willing to sacrifice.

Don't be afraid! Help Bollyn! We need lots of people ask the Chicago court and police to look into this issue. Did you see this yet: Expose-Bollyn-trial.html

Don't assume that somebody else will do it! Here are some suggestions:


Grow a 
Professor Jones created the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. They have a page of "action items", but as of 17 May 2007, none of the 3 action items are to help Bollyn:

Why doesn't Alex Jones or Aaron Russo try to help Bollyn? Why don't any of the other 9/11 groups, or the veterans groups, or the peace groups?

It's not that difficult to understand. These groups are not interested in helping us expose 9/11; rather, they are trying to suppress Bollyn. Don't let them fool you!

Bollyn, Hufschmid, and Smith, 17 May 2007   8.4 mb
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Take a look at the sites that Rosie O’Donnell promotes:

She is bringing attention to the the sites that deny Zionism. Help us warn people that these are the criminals. How much better can it get? The criminals are identifying themselves. This is an ideal situation; take advantage of it by warning people about who the criminals are.

Some websites are insulting us, but that should be a warning to you. We have serious information about Zionist involvement, and all they have are childish insults. If they had evidence that we are making mistakes or deliberately lying, don't you think they would use it? When a person insults us, that means they have nothing serious to say about us!

Have you heard the earlier discussion between Smith, Bollyn, and Hufschmid?