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The last few years, Norway has seen the coming of many young and talented performers within the genres singer/songwriter and pop, but few have had the impact and originality of the debutant Marte Wulff from Kristiansand, Norway.

The follow-up of “Jacket” is now ready, and “Safety Pins” heads off in a new direction.

Wulff, who writes all her own music, got a lot of media attention and “Jacket” contained three songs that all got a lot of air time on the radio stations in Norway: “Carousel of Love”, “Run” and “Lady”. Several of the song were A-listed and has later appeared on other album collections. They also appear in several feature films.

Recently, Marte Wulff also received a nomination to the Spellemannspris (the Norwegian equal to Grammy) as best newcomer of the year. Parallel to Marte appearing on several big music festivals this summer, she has been in Spydeberg Sol Studios to record “Safety Pins”. It has been produced by Lars Voldsdal (sound engineer for Madrugada and Turbonegro) and is a step in a heavier direction compared to “Jacket”.

- Before my debut I had hardly played in front of people, but this last year has given me and my band a lot of live experience. And the new songs are written in this period. I have learnt a lot from this and I wanted more life and more sound this time, Marte says.

Wulff also plays the organ and the Rhodes, and the piano is put a little in the background to give more room for the guitar. But there are also very soft ballads that go very well with Marte`s beautiful voice.

- The variety of moods on the album fit well with the heaviness, and the songs contain many themes. That is why I wanted some lighter things as well, to even things up a bit, Wulff says.

She just could not listen to those who wanted an album with just one mood.

- Those kinds of records don`t challenge, says Marte Wulff.

The band on “Safety Pins” consists of Lars Christian Folkvord, Tomas Pettersen and Kjetil Grande. Lars Håvard Haugen (guitarist of Hellbillies) also contributes strongly on the album.

Thom Hell, Vidar Vang, Nicolai Funch, Mikael Linqvist, Lars Voldsdal, Tiril Dørum Bengtsson, Marius Tobias Hoven and Lise Sørensen are the other musicians on the record.

Jacket” and “Safety Pins” are released on Wulff´s own label It´s Definitely Records, distributed through Sonet/Universal.