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Julie Abraham , English Journalism
Moderator: Newspaper (Crusader)
Publications Room 335
Journalism Website

ext. 1921

Jim Balbach  '77, Music Choral Director
Mr. Balbach's Website
ext. 1951

Jim Bauer , Business Department Chair
Distributive Education Clubs of America Moderator(DECA)
Mr. Bauer's Website

ext. 1911

Gustavo Benedetti , Language
Mr. Benedetti's Website
ext. 1991

Rick Bohne , Religion Department Chair
Varsity Golf Coach
Moderator: Graduation Ceremony
Mr. Bohne's Website

ext. 1961

Bill Braun  '72, Mathematics
Facilities Director
Mr. Braun's Website

ext. 1040

Bob Browning , Music & Performing Arts Department Chair
Band Director: Jazz, Marching, & Symphonic Bands
Moderator: Band Boosters

ext. 1110

Mike Cameron , Physical Education & Health Department Chair
Head Varsity Baseball Coach
Mr. Cameron's Website

ext. 1112

James Champlin , Religion
Trinity House Dean
Guitar Club
Mr. Champlin's Website

ext. 1963

Bob Crable , Religion
Head Football Coach
Mr. Crable's Website

ext. 1111

Alberto Delgado , Language
Moderator: GO Club
Mr. Delgado's Website

ext. 1992

Gail Dorsey , Guidance
Mrs. Dorsey's Website
ext. 1213

Tim Erdmann , Science
Cross Country Coach
Mr. Erdmann's Website

ext. 1971

Dave Faller , Social Studies Department Chair
Moderator: Historical Wargaming Club
Assistant Football Coach
Mr. Faller's Website

ext. 1981

Bridget Gallagher , English & Language
Mrs. Gallagher's Website
ext. 1993

Geoffrey Girard , English
Book Club, Chess Club & Creative Writing Club
Mr. Girard's Website

ext. 1922

Jennifer Heisel , Mathematiics
Mrs. Heisel's Website
ext. 1941

Christian Heisler , English
Mr. Heisler's Website
ext. 1923

Tim Held , Mathematics Department Chair
Varsity Baseball Coach
Mr. Held's Website

ext. 1942

Doug Horst , Religion
JV Basketball Coach
Mr. Horst's Website

ext. 1964

Bob Hotze , Language & Fine Arts
French Club
Theater Director
Mr. Hotze's Website

ext. 2344

Janet Huff , Special Education Services
ext. 1222

Ed Jamieson , Business & Admissions
House System Director
Admissions Assistant
Assistant Wrestling Coach
Mr. Jamieson's Website

ext. 1912

Jim Jewell , Math Specialist
Mr. Jewell's Website
ext. 1221

Jane Kagy , Special Education Services
Speech & Language Pathologist
Mrs. Kagy's Website

ext. 1220

Ken Keener  '65, English Department Chair
Summer Prep Program
Mr. Keener's Website

ext. 1920

Jim Kelly , Guidance
Scholarship & Financial Aid Counselor
Mr. Kelly's Website

ext. 1212

Elena Keyser , Language Department Chair
Moderator: Spanish Honor Society
Mrs. Keyser's Website

ext. 1994

Paul Kindt  '90, Religion
Mr. Kindt's Website
ext. 1965

Sr. Judith Klei, R.S.M. , Religion
Technology Coordinator
Moderator: Mothers’ Club
Sister Klei's Website

ext. 2345

Kevin Kohls  '88, Mathematics
Cross Country Coach
Mr. Kohls' Website

ext. 1943

Bob Kolkmeyer  '75, Business
Mechanical Drawing
User Support & Training
Assistant Football Coach
Mr. Kolkmeyer's Website

ext. 1901

Bro. Howard Lohrey, S.M. , Math
Brother Lohrey's Website
ext. 1512

Karen Matuszek , Coordinator, Special Ed Services
Eveslage House Dean
Mrs. Matuszek's Website

ext. 1222

Pat McLaughlin , Social Studies
Mr. McLaughlin's Website
ext. 1984

Bro. Roy McLoughlin, S.M. , Social Studies
Brother McLoughlin's Website
ext. 1516

Joseph Meale , Science Department Chair
Science Fiction Film Club
Mr. Meale's Website

ext. 1973

Frank Minnick , English
Moderator: Literary Magazine (Squire)
Mr. Minnick's Website

ext. 1924

Mike Moroski , English
Zaragoza House Dean
Pastoral Ministry
Mr. Moroski's Website

ext. 1925

Todd Naumann , Social Studies
Assistant Football Coach
Track Coach
Mr. Naumann's Website

ext. 1983

Bruce Nelson , Mathematics
Zehler House Dean
Moderator: JETS
Wrestling Coach
Mr. Nelson's Website

ext. 1945

Andy Pokupec , Physical Education & Health
Mr. Pokupec's Website
ext. 1931

Kathy Poulton , Library/Technology
Library Website
ext. 1240

Dan Ragland , Mathematics
Freshmen Basketball Coach
Mr. Ragland's Website

ext. 1946

Britt Raymond , Language
Moderator: Yearbook (Templar)
Publications Room 335
Mrs. Raymond's Website

ext. 1995

Connie Ring , Math
Quiroga House Dean
Mrs. Ring's Website

ext. 1947

Doug Rosfeld , Social Studies
Mr. Rosfeld's Website
ext. 1985

Jason Schlotman , Social Studies
Mr. Schlotman's Website
ext. 1986

Michael Shaffer , Religion
Mr. Shaffer's Website
ext. 1927

Dan Shannon , Science
Pillar House Dean
Mr. Shannon's Website

ext. 1975

Paul Smith , Guidance
Testing Coordinator
Guidance Website

ext. 1211

Greg Stanforth  '67, Art Department Chair
School Photo Services
Mr. Stanforth's Website

ext. 2117

Ken Stoll , Language
Moderator: Certamen
Mr. Stoll's Website

ext. 1996

Alex Thompson , Science
Mr.Thompson's Website
ext. 1974

Bob Tull , Social Studies
Model UN
Moderator: Stock Market Club
Mr. Tull's Website

ext. 1987

Mike Ward  '86, Mathematics
Moderator: Academic Team
Mr. Ward's Website

ext. 1948

Dave Wheat , Science
Mr. Wheat's Website
ext. 1976

Derek Williams , English
Football Coach
Mr. Williams' Website

ext. 1928

Maurice Williams , English
Mr. Williams' Website
ext. 1929

Troy Woolery , Art

Intro & Advanced Computer Graphics

Mr. Woolery's Website
ext. 1902

Bob Wynn , Science
Mr. Wynn's Website
ext. 1972

John Yost , Science
Mr. Yost's Website
ext. 1977

Chris Zerges , Fine Arts
Mr. Zerges' Website
ext. 1952

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