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Code of Ethics

As amended at the RRCGB AGM, March 2006

The primary aim of this code of ethics is to serve the welfare and interests of Rhodesian Ridgebacks - as a breed and individually. In any activity involving ownership, breeding, sale and exhibition of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, members shall act with this in mind. All members of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain are required to adhere to its principles.


1. The acquisition of a Rhodesian Ridgeback is to assume responsibility for it's welfare and behaviour until it's death or transfer to a new home.

2. Concern for the animal shall always take precedence over personal gain, profit or glory.

3. A breeder shall only breed from Kennel Club registered Rhodesian Ridgebacks which conform to the Breed Standard, are believed to be clear from hereditary defects, are mentally and physically sound and not suffering from acute nervousness or aggressive tendencies.

4. Bitches shall not be used for breeding prior to 2 years of age and shall not be bred from on more than one occasion in any period of 12 calendar months or over the age of 7 years. No bitch shall be expected to produce more than 3 litters OR 30 puppies, whichever comes first, in her lifetime.

5. All puppies shall be carefully examined for dermoid sinus a few days from birth and at least twice thereafter before leaving for new homes. Any puppy discovered to have sinus before leaving the nest shall be humanely destroyed. When a sinus is detected after the puppy has been sold, the breeder shall, in consultation with the new owner

(a) agree a financial contribution towards the operation to remove the sinus and neuter the puppy OR

(b) take the puppy back and either reimburse the owner OR undertake in writing to supply another puppy. In this event the puppy may be humanely destroyed OR be operated upon for the removal of the sinus and neutered. Thereafter it may be retained or re-homed without charge. All new owners will be made aware of the facts about sinus, it's implications for the breed and how to detect its presence.

6. Any puppy sold over the age of 12 weeks shall be inoculated and no puppy shall leave the breeder under the age of 7 weeks. They shall be accompanied by a certificate of pedigree, diet sheet and details of worming. All puppies sold hall be registered with the Kennel Club.

7. Any mismarked puppies shall be described as such and sold as "not to be shown or bred from." This shall be reflected in the price. Ridgeless puppies shall be culled at birth ; if a breeder finds this morally impossible the puppy shall be homed, without pedigree certificate, at rearing costs only, with an under taking that it shall be neutered. Registration documents for all puppies referred to in this paragraph shall be suitably endorsed.

8. Puppies shall not be sold through dealers, pet shops, "trading posts," "puppy ranches" etc. Ideally they should be sold direct to their new homes, every effort having been made to ascertain that the new owners have the facilities, time and commitment to correctly raise, train, exercise and appreciate a large, active but sensitive hound.

9. A breeder shall make every effort to find an alternative home for any stock which subsequently needs it.

10. Stud dog owners shall satisfy themselves as to the suitability, breeding and condition of any bitch presented to them and also as to the conditions under which any resultant litter would be reared. If the owner of the bitch is not a member of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain they shall be required to indicate that they will adhere to this Code of Ethics by signing , prior to mating, a copy to be retained by the owner of the stud dog.

11. No member shall engage in false or misleading advertising or other falsification of their Rhodesian Ridgebacks, nor shall they malign judges, fellow competitors, breeders or owners by making false or misleading statements about other dogs, members' practices or character.


Any member acting in violation of this Code may be called upon to explain their actions, initially to the Committee. At the Committee's discretion, serious violations will lead to the members' suspension or expulsion from the Club in accordance with the Constitution.




It is recommended that:

All breeding stock be X-rayed under the BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia Scheme.

All Rhodesian ridgebacks used for breeding & hip scoring should be identified by microchip and/or DNA and/or tattoo

All puppies be sold with insurance cover.

Checks for dermoid sinus be undertaken by at least 2 competent persons i.e. experienced breeders / veterinary surgeons with some knowledge of sinus and it's detection.

Bitches should not be bred from for the first time over the age of 4 years.

No member should breed more than 2 litters in any 12 month period.

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