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Central Connector

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The project

The central connector (CC) is a bus rapid transit corridor connecting the Britomart on Customs Street in Auckland's CBD, and ending on Khyber Pass Road in Newmarket.

The detailed design is complete on Auckland City's biggest public transport project since Britomart. We are lodging applications for a number of resource consents and are likely to tender in April 2007.

This means:

  • introducing bus lanes on each side of the route, which will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Auckland City's traffic bylaw allows buses, cycles, motorcycles and emergency vehicles to use the city's bus lanes)
  • realigning the road in places for the bus lanes to be introduced, but also retaining one general traffic lane each way except Grafton Bridge
  • introducing new footpaths; new street furniture, new bus shelters with canopies for shelter and improved street lighting
  • protecting Grafton Bridge by structurally upgrading and seismically strengthening it, bringing the bridge in line with modern earthquake design standards
  • preserving the special heritage value of the corridor, particularly through the University Learning Quarter and around Grafton Bridge
  • retaining parking in places to support business and residents, and removing it in some places to provide wider bus lanes and a safer environment for cyclists
  • Aucklanders continue to list transport, and lack of good public transport, as one of the main detractors from living in this city and region

The CC is a crucial piece of public transport infrastructure. Its sole objective is to provide sustainable public transport choices.

Once complete, the CC will be the city's premier busway. Studies in 2004 showed that the route serves more than 65,000 passengers each weekday. It is estimated the CC will reduce current bus trip times by up to 14 minutes each way. The council's research also indicates there will be a 50 per cent improvement in bus reliability.


The central connector project expected to be completed by early 2009.  The CC is a key link in a package of rapid transit solutions around the region. It links in with the Northern Busway as part of the region's strategic passenger transport strategy. This will make bus travel from the North Shore to Newmarket, and beyond, a real travel choice for people.