Its Me!
Lisa Marie was born in San Bernardino, CA, into a family that was likely to produce a future sports-entertainer. Her grandfather, Mo Altinbay, with whom she had a close relationship, was a movie actor in Japan. One of his career highlights was working along side John Wayne in the movie "The Barbarian and the Geisha." He and John Wayne became good friends during the course of filming the movie.

Also in Japan, Lisa Marie's mother was a singer, and her aunt a child actress. Her father, although born in Puerto Rico, was raised in New York City. He was a talented athlete, going on to serve his country in the U.S. Air Force. He is a proud 20 year veteran. It was while he was stationed in Japan that her parents met.

All three of Lisa Marie's older brothers were amatuer wrestlers. The two oldest, Mike and Bobby, earned college wrestling scholarships. Bobby went on to the 1983 Pan American Games, where he won the gold medal in wrestling.

Lisa Marie was first recognized for her athletic abilities in high school, where she was chosen as one of only a handful of girls nationwide to cheer at halftime of the NFL Pro Bowl. She went on to win her only bodybuilding competition, and had a short but successful run as a fitness competitor, where she earned and still holds her IFBB Professional Fitness Card.

She also has varied media exposure. She has appeared on every major network in cities nationwide as a fitness expert. She has had small acting roles on TV shows such as VIP and Nikki, in movies, and had two cameos on the international supershow Sabado Gigante.

Her non-sports entertainment career highlight was working at the Inland Eye and Tissue Bank in Redlands, CA. It was an opportunity to use her Pre-Med education to help those in need. After receiving certifications in Cryolife Tissue Recovery Training in Vascular Tissue; and Muscular Skeletal Transplant Foundation Educational Course Completion, Lisa Marie was employed as a Human Tissue Coordinator. The Eye and Tissue Bank procured certain tissues from suitable donors within 24 hours of their deaths. As a Human Tissue Coordinator, she performed medical and personal backround checks on potential donors, as well as physically examing the cadavers for suitability. She was part of a team that surgically removed heart valves, saphenous veins, and bone. She went individually to surgically remove corneas. All eyes and tissue were used for either medical research or transplantation. Lisa Marie has seen first hand the benefits and importance of organ donation, and hopes to someday return to the field.

Lisa Marie made her WWE debut as one of the Godfather's "Hos". She appeared regularly with the Godfather, often referred to as the "head Ho", and leading the "Save the Ho" campaign. After getting thrown through a table in August 2000, she was given the name Victoria by the WWE. She was pulled from TV in November of that year for extensive, intensive training in technical wrestling with MCW in Memphis and OVW in Louisville.

Lisa Marie now has tremendous respect and love for professional wrestling, and hopes to participate for as long as she feels that she can contribute to the WWE.