Occupation: Creator of Jane’s World, Creative Director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates.


First professional project: A courtroom artist assignment for the Clarion Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi.

Dream project: Having enough comics under my belt to do a great series of trade paperbacks... Really fleshing the stories out.

Favorite personal project to date: I’d have to say issue one of JANE’S WORLD and my current PEANUTS project... Illustrating a pop-up-book of classic scenes from the PEANUTS comic strip.

Most influential comics/creators on your life or career: Winsor McCay and Charles Schulz.

Current favorite comic: I have a couple... GET FUZZY by Darby Conley and MUTTS by Patrick McDonnell... As for comic books, I’m mostly crazy about STRANGER IN PARADISE by Terry Moore. He’s a terrific cartoonist and all around great guy.

How do you spend time when not working on comics: I pretty much have no life other than comics... Oh, and goofing around with my two wiener dogs, Andy and Olive.

Favorite LGBT character in any media: I really enjoyed ELLEN when it was on TV. It sort of had the same premise as JANE’S WORLD... And of course, DYKES TO WATCH OUT FOR is an epic leader in lesbian comics... Also, STUCK RUBBER BABY, by Howard Cruse... His book touches on a lot of issues I identify with personally, having grown up in the deep south... Religion, gender roles, race issues... What a great book.

One person you'd like to meet: I’d like to meet Allison Bechdel ... I think she’d be fun to sit and have coffee with.

What comic book character would you like to be, and why? Ignatz from KRAZY KAT. Wouldn’t it be fun to just toss bricks at folks and have them not take it seriously... Think of all the tension you could work off.

Last good movie you saw: Well I would have to say THE HOURS was a “good” movie... And I enjoyed it... But probably my favorite flick from the last 12 months was ABOUT A BOY.... What a great movie. Very funny and real.

Last good book you read: I reread Huck Finn for the river storyline that just ran on my website... I’d forgotten most of it, but there’s some funny stuff there.

CDs you're listening to now: Cold Play, Counting Crows, Aimee Mann (her new one that Seth did the jacket for) and I really like Pete Yorn.... And then there’s the classic CD that I sketch to... THE BEST OF THE SMITHS.

What aspect of the comics medium draws you to work in it? I love working in pen and ink... I love the challenge of creating a world using only black and white.

What does the phrase "gay sensibility" mean to you? That you aren’t clueless about gay concerns and issues? I’m not sure exactly...

Does your queerness impact your work? It makes me want to create a gay character that all sorts of people can relate to.

What advice do you have for aspiring comics creators? Don’t give up. Keep the faith. And draw, draw, draw.