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May 17th, 2007

Shadowrun GMs needed for summer convention season

We’re looking for gamemasters to run games during the main three summer conventions: Origins [Columbus, Ohio: July 5-8], Gen Con Indy [Indianapolis, Indiana: August 16-19], and Dragon*Con [Atlanta, Georgia: August 31-Sept 3]

Origins is the most urgent right now — we need at least three more GMs to cover the Shadowrun events. GMs get compensation in the form of hotel payments, badges, or books, based on the number of hours worked.

If you’d like to join the team and support the future of Shadowrun, drop a line to John Dunn at

May 13th, 2007

Free Shadowrun Missions Adventure: Critical Care

The May installment in the Shadowrun Missions campaign — Critical Care — is now available for free!

DocWagon patients are going missing. No way it could be your fault, right? Maybe you should check into it, just in case.

April 21st, 2007

InMediaRes Productions LLC. enters negotiations for the Classic Battletech and Shadowrun licenses from WizKids Inc.

As reported by IMR/BattleCorps:


Everett, WA, April 20, 2007—InMediaRes Production LLC has entered into negotiations with WizKids, Inc. and FanPro, LLC to explore the acquisition of RPG publishing rights for the Classic BattleTech and Shadowrun Intellectual Properties. IMR is confident in the strength of Shadowrun and Classic BattleTech and the commitment that WizKids, Inc. has shown in supporting these two long-standing properties.

About InMediaRes Productions LLC
InMediaRes Productions LLC has developed as the premiere on-line fiction source for Classic BattleTech. actively support the Classic BattleTech community, their BattleShop offers everything from poster maps to PDF sourcebooks, miniatures to software, and is the one-stop-shop for any fan of the BattleTech/MechWarrior universe. Their subscription-based services also take the Classic BattleTech experience to a whole new level, featuring a stable of authors from national best sellers to great new talent, new art, unique product previews, faction specific message boards and moderated chats with authors and developers.

About WizKids, Inc.
A wholly owned subsidiary of the Topps Company (TOPP), WizKids is a Seattle-based game developer and publisher dedicated to creating tabletop games driven by imagination. Its HeroClix® and Pirates brands are among the most successful games on the market today, with over one hundred million miniature game figures sold worldwide. For additional information, visit

Loren L. Coleman’s Letter to the Community

Some of you may have heard the rumors beginning to build. Well, the announcements are now getting out there. Negotiations have begun, seeking to move the Classic BattleTech and Shadowrun properties to a new company, InMediaRes Productions.

As this moves forward, I’m certain we will hear information of long-time employees moving between companies, as well as dark rumors as to the fate of CBT and Shadowrun. I want not only to strike down such rumors, I can tell you that I see nothing but brighter, better days ahead for both game lines.

I have spoken with WizKids, and can assure you that this move is in the best interest of both Classic BattleTechand Shadowrun. I have every confidence in WizKids, in their support for the game lines, and their ability to ensure that the games we enjoy so much will only grow stronger.

I also think we owe a deep debt of gratitude to FanPro and its employees, as well, for bringing the properties this far. They have done an exceedingly hard job, taking over after FASA closed its doors, and the quality of the product we’ve seen in the last several years is a testament to their hard work and love for the games.

I know that I, and all other industry professionals I’ve spoken to, have re-committed ourselves to the game lines, no matter what. This is not something we would do if we were worried about their future. In fact, we are more excited than ever to have the ability to take both Classic BattleTech and Shadowrun to new and greater heights.

We look forward to seeing you there, along for the ride!

Loren L. Coleman
InMediaRes Productions

Rob Boyle’s Letter to the Community

I’ve been the lead Shadowrun line developer for FanPro LLC since the day it started, through good times and bad. Along with the other developers and freelancers, we have all been absolutely committed to continuing and and growing this game line in new and exciting ways.

The time has now come to transfer the Shadowrun line into the hands of a new company. We are not saying goodbye, however–we’re coming along for the ride as well. Everyone who is part of the core Shadowrun production crew is looking forward to relocating the line to IMR’s stewardship and continuing to publish one of the best games out there. Despite the delays we’ve recently faced, we are excited that things will be getting back on track quite quickly.

Rob Boyle
Shadowrun Line Developer

Randall Bills’ Letter to the Community

The last ten years I’ve seen the Classic BattleTech property and community thrive. I’ve been a part of the development of over one hundred products and novels for this universe. I’ve also been the key driving force behind the largest re-branding and revitalization Classic BattleTech has seen in well over a decade, including the creation and launching of the Dawn of Jihad sourcebook and storyline, as well as Total Warfare.

FanPro has made the above accomplishments possible. With the expiration of the license and WizKids’ desire to position the Classic BattleTech product to achieve even more, WizKids, Inc. is working with both FanPro LLC and InMediaRes Productions LLC. to transition the Classic BattleTech license to InMediaRes.

I have immensely enjoyed the working relationship between myself and WizKids and the other licensees surrounding Classic BattleTech/MechWarrior, such as Iron Wind Metals, InMediaRes Productions and so on. I completely support this move by all involved and look forward to an even stronger relationship between the various licensees that positions Classic BattleTech/MechWarrior to even greater heights.

Randall Bills
Classic BattleTech Line Developer

April 10th, 2007

Wetwork, Pure and Simple: Free April Shadowrun Missions Adventure

Wetwork, Pure and Simple is the free Shadowrun Missions adventure for the month of April!

When you run in the shadows, a day where you aren’t working is a day were you aren’t getting paid. Sometimes survival means taking whatever run comes your way. When the choice is between wetwork and not eating, it isn’t much of a choice.

April 2nd, 2007

Shadowrun, Fourth Edition: Fourth Printing Ship Date

The Fourth Printing of Shadowrun, Fourth Edition [FPR26000, $34.99, 336 pages + 16 color] is shipping to distributors this week for a release date of Monday April 9th. Fans, please give your local game store a call to let them know you want the book, and retailers, please call your distributor to verify re-order numbers!

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