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The 13 enemies of the Internet

- Belarus
- Burma
- China
- Cuba
- Egypt
- Iran
- North Korea
- Saudi Arabia
- Syria
- Tunisia
- Turkmenistan
- Uzbekistan
- Vietnam

Official censorship seems to have become even tougher since the bloody crackdown on the pro-democracy protests in Andidjan in May 2005. The iron-fisted government led by President Islam Karimov blocks access to most independent websites dealing with Uzbekistan, which are usually hosted on servers in Russia, and to NGO websites that criticise its human rights violations.

Years : 2006 2005

2005 Internet press releases:

14 November 2005 - Opposition online journalist assaulted
26 May 2005 - Russian journalist beaten up as government resorts to disinformation
14 May 2005 - Reporters Without Borders "extremely worried" as journalists expelled from Andijan
26 April 2005 - Interior minister asked to investigate beating of dissident journalist