Did you ever have one of those days where you wished you could regurgitate your previously digested weaponry through your hands?

Yeah, so does the Explorer Bolt Crank.

Luckily, Bolt just happens to be able to do that. He's the hero of Akihito Yoshitomi's manga Eat-Man, and he's good at his job. Mercenaries known as "Explorers" roam Akihito's post-apocalyptic world making their living as hired muscle for any number of purposes.
But it's unlikely that many Explorers are quite as unique as Bolt.

Eat-Man joined the "Viz Manga Heroes" line in 1997 with the release of the first of a six issue series. Volume Two was also released (starting in Feb 98). Eleven collected volumes are currently available in Japan. There are also two anime TV series, each of twelve episodes.


For fan-translations of volumes 3-4, visit CronusZ's Boukenya Sanctuary.

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