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 Tim McGraw Relives Emotional Debut At ACMs

"Tim McGraw Relives Emotional Debut At ACMs"
Country star Tim McGraw provided the most emotional moment of last week’s Academy of Country Music Awards .

McGraw sang a brand-new song that was a tribute to fallen soldiers and sat down exclusively with New 2 to talk about it.

The song, "If You're Reading This”, is about the letters soldiers write to their families in the event that they're killed.

It is a song McGraw wrote only three weeks before the ACM Awards show.

He ended the powerful song by bringing the lights up on families of fallen soldiers.

That brought an emotional reaction from Martina McBride and...

...many others in the arena and watching at home.

McGraw said Brett and Brad Warren wrote the song only three weeks ago after reading a magazine article on war casualties.

“Not only is it a human being and a solider who has died, but the ripple effect from that… The families that are affected, the children, the wives, the parents, the cousins, the friends,” said McGraw.

A week after writing the song, McGraw had a hard time falling asleep and, at two in the morning, got the idea to debut the song on the ACM Awards.

He also decided to have some soldiers' families on stage but didn't tell the families or the show'sproducers what the song was.

It proved to be especially emotional for McGraw to sing it, knowing they were all hearing it for the first time.

He said, “It was hard to hold it together. There were a few spots where it kind of fell apart for me, but I was able to keep it together."

After the performance, McGraw took some time to thank the families for being there.

Their reaction moved him.

He said, “This little five-year-old blonde girl came up and kind of tugged on my shirt and said, you know, ‘you just sang a song about my dad, didn't you?’ I just hope no matter what side of the politics youfall on, there's people going over there and sacrificing their lives for what they're sent to do."

There is no studio-recorded version of the song yet but more than 50 country radio stations are playing the song recorded of TV.

In fact, with no official release, "If You’re Reading This" is expected to debut at number 35 on country charts.

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