Tuck Strategy: Fall 2005

Our Strategy

Tuck Strategy: Fall 2005

The Tuck School has two primary goals: to offer the world's best business leadership education—mainly through the MBA program and executive education—and to have a faculty of thought leaders.

We compete at the highest levels on key factors such as talent and prestige of faculty, quality of students, career opportunities for graduates, depth and breadth of curriculum, strength of corporate relationships, and excellence of facilities and learning environment. Yet we differ from other top business schools in important ways—such as our focus, personal scale, emphasis on group learning and teamwork, the commitment of our faculty to excellence in both research and teaching, and the extraordinary levels of involvement and support we receive from our alumni.

We are committed to continuous improvement and will make strategic investments in critical resources to maintain our competitive position, our unique approach, and our overall level of excellence.

Primary Goals and Strategic Approach

Tuck's primary goals are to offer the world's best business leadership education and to have a faculty of thought leaders.

We strive to be better than any other business school at providing the educational programs and learning experiences that prepare students for leadership positions in the world's foremost organizations. Our faculty's research is at the leading edge of knowledge in their disciplines, influencing how their academic fields and related practice evolve.

To accomplish these goals, we must enhance our position at the top of the businessschool world through continuous improvement and investment in key competitive areas and must operate the school in distinctive ways that reflect our values and unique characteristics.

Competing With the World's Best

Since our founding in 1900, Tuck has been at the top of the business-school world. To maintain this preeminence, we must successfully compete with other top business schools on a number of critical factors, including the talent of our faculty, the quality of our students, the career opportunities open to our graduates, the depth and breadth of our curriculum, the strength of our corporate relationships, and the excellence of our facilities and learning environment.


Our faculty are leading thinkers whose research and teaching are second to none. They actively publish in refereed academic journals, serve on editorial boards, and hold leadership positions in professional organizations. They collaborate with other thought leaders from around the world and have significant impact on the direction of research and knowledge generation in their areas of interest. Through their research, and by serving as consultants and advisors for leading corporations, they influence the practice of management. As skilled teachers who are dedicated to student learning and highly accessible, they give Tuck students an unmatched educational experience.


Our students have demonstrated academic abilities, having excelled at the most respected undergraduate institutions in the U.S. and internationally and scoring extremely well on the GMAT. They are diverse in terms of race, gender, cultural background, and nationality. They have experience at leading firms in a wide variety of industries, and they have the potential and the drive to rise to leadership positions in business and society.


Tuck has an extraordinary record of placing students in prime positions at the most prestigious companies in the world. Tuck provides in-depth career counseling, broad exposure to a variety of industries and career paths, and exceptional opportunities to network with potential hiring firms. Our consistently high ranking by corporate recruiters attests to the quality of our students and the strong relationships Tuck maintains with a wide variety of leading global organizations.


Tuck provides its students with comprehensive coverage of the world's best business practices and exposure to leading-edge concepts in all important business disciplines. The depth and breadth of our elective course offerings allow students to focus on specific areas of study while receiving the broad perspective and skills in business that they require for leadership positions. Through coursework, periodic self- and peer assessments, one-on-one coaching, and career counseling, the Cohen Leadership Development Program helps students explore and expand their potential as leaders.

Tuck continuously evaluates and refines its curriculum to ensure its relevance to the changing landscape of global business. Through international economics and business courses, case studies, international field-study projects, exchange study at leading programs around the world, and interactions with fellow students, faculty, and executives, Tuck students develop a global mindset and perspective. Our students also have the opportunity to undertake faculty-directed independent research and projects, pursue joint and dual degrees, participate in global consulting projects, and explore their professional and personal interests through student organizations.


Tuck has a history of strong relationships with leading business organizations, and we continue to deepen these relationships and expand our corporate partnerships.We maintain strong ties to the industry leaders and rising firms that recruit our MBA students and alumni, participate in our executive and nondegree programs, collaborate with our research centers, and tap into the expertise of our faculty.We are committed to being adaptive and responding to the diverse needs of organizations with which we interact.


Tuck is committed to providing students and faculty with high-quality facilities featuring plentiful spaces for teaching, studying, research, working in groups, interacting with business leaders, and socializing with peers. Ours is a residential environment, and we are committed to providing exceptional living spaces for our students. As technology advances, we continuously upgrade our infrastructure and add new capabilities.


We differ from our competitors in important ways. These differences—our focus, personal scale, group learning environment, faculty excellence in both research and teaching, and the high degree of loyalty and involvement of our alumni—flow from our guiding principles and values and shape our educational programs and strategic decisions.


The fact that Tuck is focused on the MBA program distinguishes us from our competitors and allows us to concentrate our resources and efforts. All our strategic actions directly or indirectly benefit our MBA-degree recipients. Every fulltime faculty member teaches in the MBA program and is committed to its success. Because of this, we put proportionally more faculty experts in the MBA classroom than our competitors. Executive education and other nondegree programs complement the MBA program and are essential to achieving many of our strategic objectives.


With the goal of enrolling an MBA student body of 480 and with a current full-time faculty of approximately 50, Tuck has a substantial MBA program but maintains a unique personal scale and an approach unlike that of any other top business school. Our size enables us to provide students with exceptional access to recruiters, visiting executives, full-time faculty members, and senior administrators. Tuck's scale and residential atmosphere also make it possible to create a strong, supportive learning community that encourages meaningful interactions between and among faculty, students, and staff, thus building the interpersonal skills required for business leadership.


Tuck has a long history of using intensive group work and a team approach in the learning process as a basis for leadership development. Our students learn from each other on campus through formal and informal feedback and sharing of experiences and remain committed to supporting each other for a lifetime. Employers cite teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills as among the most attractive attributes of our graduates. Group work permeates the entire program because we feel there is no such thing as acting alone as a leader.We reinforce this group learning environment with a comprehensive teamwork and leadership development program.


Tuck is distinguished by having faculty who achieve dual excellence in both research and teaching, and we support them fully in both activities.We believe that students learn best from faculty who are at the intellectual forefront of their fields and who have the desire and skills to transfer that knowledge to students. Tuck faculty are dedicated and expert teachers who all teach in the MBA program and who are readily accessible to each of our students. Their research and publishing records rival those of faculty at other top schools, and they are frequently sought after as corporate advisors.


Tuck has exceptionally supportive and involved alumni who are successful business leaders in a broad range of industries and organizations worldwide. The combination of our focus, personal scale, and unique learning environment foster in our alumni a strong sense of loyalty and desire to give back to the school—both financially and through their involvement in every aspect of the school. Our alumni participation rate of over 60 percent in annual giving is the highest among the top business schools.


Tuck is committed to continuously improving all aspects of the school. We will also make the strategic investment necessary to maintain our competitive position, our unique approach, and our overall level of excellence. In particular, we plan to build on the strength of our faculty, recruit the best students, keep the MBA program at the leading edge of business leadership education, and enhance the Tuck campus with new and improved facilities and infrastructure.


Tuck's most important asset is its outstanding faculty, who achieve dual excellence in research and teaching.We strive to recruit, retain, and support an exceptional faculty dedicated to having an impact in the classroom and on management practice. Tuck must continuously strengthen its faculty by expanding its depth and breadth as well as the financial and human resources needed to fully leverage their research and teaching activities.We will do this by expanding our faculty excellence funds, designed to provide flexible resources to leverage research and teaching activities; expanding the number of endowed professorships; and raising additional endowment and operating funds for our research centers.


It is critical that we continue to recruit a student body that is of the size, diversity, and experience level needed to provide the best learning experience while maintaining the personal scale and group learning environment that are hallmarks of the Tuck experience. By expanding the number and size of merit- and need-based scholarships, we will ensure access for the best applicants.


We organize and manage the Tuck experience to develop the business leadership skills of each student to the highest level.We will expand and enrich the leadership development aspects of the MBA experience through the broad-based Cohen Leadership Development Program.

Tuck's curriculum is continuously evaluated and refined to ensure its relevance to the constantly changing world of business while retaining an emphasis on leadership, rigorous coverage of business basics, and depth in key functional areas such as finance, strategy, marketing, and operations. The design of Tuck's curriculum gives us the opportunity to integrate important topics into the core curriculum—such as leadership, entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and ethics—that cut across functional areas and disciplines.We will take full advantage of that opportunity by supporting a wide variety of MBA program initiatives, such as research-based independent studies, student-initiated citizenship activities, international field-study projects, and entrepreneurship activities such as business-plan competitions and workshop series.


We remain committed to having a high-quality, residential-oriented campus with plentiful spaces for studying, research, working in groups, and socializing.We will build a new living and learning complex, continuously revitalize our existing facilities, and create an endowment to support ongoing investments in our technology infrastructure.


Tuck will continue to give students outstanding career options.We will fully leverage our corporate partnerships and Tuck's alumni network in the career development process. Tuck is committed to providing our students with the highest level of preparation for their careers.We will continue to assist and advise our students as they explore a broad range of career options and achieve the focus and specialization required for a successful job search.


Tuck has a history of strong relationships with leading business organizations, and we continue to deepen these relationships and expand our corporate partnerships. In addition to its array of fine programs for corporate executives from large companies, Tuck is a leader in programs for minority entrepreneurs, women, and—through its Tuck Business Bridge Program®—liberal arts and sciences undergraduates. We will further enhance our corporate relationships by continuing to innovate in custom and openenrollment executive education offerings as well as specialized programs and adapt to meet the needs of our corporate partners.


Tuck offers extraordinary business leadership education.We accomplish this by being at the very top of the mainstream business-school world and by distinguishing ourselves in a number of critical ways. Over the past 10 years, we have accomplished a great deal, including expanding and enhancing our faculty, growing and improving the quality and diversity of our student body, and upgrading and adding to our living and learning facilities.We have done so while maintaining our truly distinctive character, including our focus, personal scale, and residential environment.

Going forward, we will take our school to a new level of excellence.We will build on our recent successes in faculty recruiting, and we will leverage our entire faculty to the maximum. This will require new and different levels of funding to support faculty excellence.We will aggressively recruit the best prospective MBA students, give them a truly exceptional learning experience, and innovate in the development of business leaders. This will require new levels of support for student scholarships, facilities, and student leadership development initiatives.We will carefully examine the means by which Tuck's reach can be extended through partnerships, activities in new locations, and distance education. Tuck is consistently acknowledged to be one of the finest business schools in the world, but we must redouble our efforts to convey the Tuck message to the widest possible audience.

Tuck's history is long and distinguished, its momentum is strong, and, with the support of those who know and love it so well, Tuck will continue to achieve the highest level of excellence.