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Laptop HP nx9010 as second 1024x768 16-bit monitor for Windows XP x64 workstation

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    Solution for extending your desktop display using displays of another computers (including Pocket PC), using network connection. Like VNC, ZoneScreen able to mirror local desktop to another computer in the network. The main difference is that it also allows extend desktop, not only mirror it. Also, you could use ZoneScreen for Windows Mobile to extend/mirror your desktop to screen of your handheld.
    All you need for ZoneScreen to work is network connection between your computers (your computers are both connected to the same network, or connected directly with cross-over cable or 1394 firewire cable, etc). In case you are using Poket PC, you may also use connection provided by ActiveSync (using cradle cable, IR port, etc).

Photos and Screenshots

Laptop HP nx9010 as second 1024x768 16-bit monitor for Windows XP x64. 86 Kb.
Pocket PC HP iPAQ hx4700 as second 640x480 16-bit monitor for XP x64. 22 Kb.
hx4700 mirrors part of Windows XP desktop. 54 Kb.
CPU usage for 20 FPS rendering (screenshot). 54 Kb.
Moving taskbar to virtual monitor (screenshot). 54 Kb.

How It Works

hx4700 as second monitor     ZoneScreen consists of two parts: kernel-mode (running with privileges of Windows kernel) driver for virtual display (which is visible to Windows just as normal video card with monitor attached to it), and user-mode (running as usual user application like Notepad) wizard which is responsible for capturing image, transmitting it over the network, and drawing it at another computer. Machine, whose desktop is extended, called server. Server machine have display driver installed and ZoneScreen wizard running in server mode. Another machine which acts only as external display called client. Client machine have only ZoneScreen wizard running in client mode. Both parts of ZoneScreen (driver and wizard) are completely independent and can be used separately. This mean that in case we are interested only in mirroring desktop image, we do not need to install virtual display driver, and if we are extending desktop with ZoneScreen display driver we could use any other software, for example RealVNC, for transmitting desktop image over the network. In this case we need transfer only space of virtual display (details).

Downloads (Build

Archives below are outdated builds of the project. Refer to ZoneScreen page at SourceForge for latest releases.

Windows XP, English (i386, 32 bit): 40 Kb.
Windows XP x64, English (AMD64/EM64T, 64 bit): 44 Kb.
Windows Mobile 2003 ARM, English (wizard only): 21 Kb.

Builds, tested by users:
Windows 98, English (wizard only): 26 Kb. Build
Windows 2000, English (i386, 32-bit): 33 Kb. Build

Builds, which were not tested at all:
Windows XP, French (i386, 32 bit): 41 Kb. Build
Windows 98, English (wizard only): 35 Kb. Build
Windows Server 2003, English (i386, 32-bit): 40 Kb. Build
Windows Server 2003 for Itanium, English (IA64, 64-bit): 68 Kb. Build
Windows Vista, English (i386 , 32-bit): 36 Kb. Build
Windows Vista x64, English (AMD64/EM64T, 64 bit): 39 Kb. Build

Security notes:
Current protocol implementation, used in ZoneScreen wizard (the way how server sends video signal, or frames, to client), do not uses encryption. Therefore all information you send to client is potentially available to everybody in the network. Please keep this in mind.

Supported Operating Systems

Display driver has known problem under Windows XP Sp1, described here. Upgrade to Sp2 solves the issue. Note that this affects only server machine (client machine do not need ZoneScreen display driver to be installed).
ZoneScreen display driver is XPDM driver, and will be disabled on Windows Vista when system has WDDM-based driver (details).
Display driver currently is not signed. Debug mode is required to load unsigned kernel driver into Windows Vista x64 (details).
List of screen resolutions supported by virtual display driver located here. Each resolution can run at 8, 16, 24 or 32-bit color.
If you are not sure which download is for you, 32-bit or 64-bit, most probably you need 32-bit package.

Other systems (Linux, PalmOS, etc):
Linux and PalmOS are not currently supported by ZoneScreen itself, but it is possible to use cross-platform implementations of VNC as a replacement for ZoneScreen wizard. For example, server machine with Windows XP, ZoneScreen virtual display driver and and VNC server could use client machines with any operating system which supports VNC client. Because virtual display is completely identical to normal display, VNC server could be transparently used above ZoneScreen display driver (was tested with server from RealVNC If you are interested in PalmOS, PalmVNC is the VNC client for it.
Also you could run ZoneScreen wizard (build for Windows 98) in Linux under Wine.

New Versions of ZoneScreen

    If your configuration (operating system, CPU architecture, language or display resolution) is not specified above, or you need new feature to be implemented, please refer to SourceForge page of the project. History of pre-sourceforge changes in ZoneScreen located here.

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