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Finance & Payments

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Financial Costs Overview
by Admissions - RR, 6 June 2006

Check the cost - it is affordablePatriot Bible University tuition fees and books are among the lowest in the nation for comparable schools.

In short, they consist of:

  1. One-time Application/Enrollment Fee - only
    $ 65 for undergraduate $ 75 for graduate!
  2. Tuition [paid monthly or per credit hour - see below]

  3. Course Books [paid upon ordering - Bookstore] The 
    average cost is $ 25 for undergraduates and $ 35 for
    graduates...including shipping!

Start anytime, Study anywhere.

Our allies in Biblical higher education normally charge $ 120-250 per credit hour. This means it would cost most 
full-time students as least $ 200-800 per month with other schools. And that usually means student loans. PBU
offers a wonderful oportunity for those who may not be able to afford a quality, Biblical higher education anywhere
else! And Patriot's user-friendly Accrelerated Curriculum offers advantages that many distance-learning programs
cannot give.
For a complete listing of fees see - graduation, dissertations, etc. Read the complete listing and the following 
topics below for more detail, or contact us today.

Plan A Tuition
by Administration - RR, 25 May 2006

Affordable tuition paid monthly = No Student Loans & No Interest

Tuition investment only $ 35-55 per month (which covers our costs)
  • Undergraduate students who agree to take at least 10 courses per year
  • Graduate students who agree to take at least 6 courses per year
    (However, if you cannot afford that much every month, the minimum requirement is just $ 25 for undergraduates and 
    $ 35 for graduate students.)
    Why is our cost so reasonable?
    Christians interested in PBU are typically mature people who are already convinced of the need for Biblical higher 
    education - and they prefer to keep their expenses to a minimum.
    You may pay your tuition fees and application fees online - here OR....

Read more

Plan B Tuition
by Admissions - RR, 30 May 2006

Pay Per Credit Hour (As You Go)

When you enroll, you agree to order at least four undergraduate or graduate courses during each year as a student. 
(A student who chooses not to maintain the requirements for PLAN A will be placed in the PLAN B tuition option.)

Undergraduate (BA) $ 40 per credit hour plus the books for each course.
Graduate (MA & D.Min) $ 50 per credit hour plus the books for each course.

You may pay your tuition fees & application fee online - here