Illinois Fast Track Initiative

A Series of Building Blocks
- A Statewide Plan
- First Things First
- New, High-Performance Trainsets
- Safer Grade Crossings
- Partnerships with Freight Railroads

The Corridors
- Blackhawk
- Hiawatha
- Illinois Central
- Lincoln Heritage
- Rock Island

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How you can help

Our Proposal: Link The Entire State By 2015

Leaders throughout Illinois have proposed new or expanded rail routes that would connect the entire state.

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association envisions an ambitious program to complete these plans within a decade.

Fast trains, intercity buses, and local transit would form an integrated network carrying business travelers, students, families, and tourists to many destinations now accessible only by car.

Redeveloped railroad stations would become the center of vibrant communities positioned to compete in the global marketplace.

Illinois residents would enjoy reduced transportation costs, downstate cities would have more development options, and residents statewide would have expanded employment opportunities.

Our proposal in a nutshell:

  • Extend commuter service beyond six Northeast Illinois counties
  • Create direct access to O'Hare and other major airports
  • Build links to a Midwest-wide network
  • Early morning arrivals in major cities
  • Late evening departures
  • Departures throughout the day, every two hours or less on core routes
  • Dependable schedules

Download a summary of our phase I proposals here.

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