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Xenogears Light | an arranged album

CD: Out of Stock | MP3: $8.00
Release Date: 2005-02-08
Case: DVD
Play Time: 74 mins


Xenogears Light takes the most beautiful and well-known themes of Yasunori Mitsuda's Xenogears soundtrack and places them in a soft, loving light. All of the performances use acoustic instruments like piano, guitar, and violin to delicately pose the melodies of these songs in such a way that any listener can enjoy them. Crafted by admirers of acoustic works, this collection of gentle ballads is sure to please Mitsuda's fans as well as followers of refined music.

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Track List
01 Premonition
02 Grahf, Conqueror of Darkness
03 Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People
04 Far Away Promise
05 My Village is Number One
06 Shevat, the Wind is Calling
07 Singing of the Gentle Wind
08 Shattering the Egg of Dreams
09 One Who Bares Fangs at God
10 Bonds of Sea and Fire
11 Ship of Sleep and Remorse
12 Broken Mirror
13 Dreams of the Strong
14 The Blue Traveler
15 October Mermaid
16 The Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen
17 Valley Where the Wind is Born
18 Gathering Stars in the Night Sky
19 The Alpha and the Omega
20 Into Eternal Sleep