Animated feature film
35mm, 90min, Dolby SRD 5.1., Hungary
Lichthof Productions 2004

  • The District! WON the best animated feature award at KROK festival in Ukraine!
  • The District! WON the best animated feature award at Ottawa AIFF, the largest animated event in North America!
  • The District! was making a successful debut in Helsinki at Helsinki International Film Festival
  • The District! raised considerable interest in Toronto at its North American premiere
  • The District! met a charming audience in Copenhagen!
  • Grand debut in Asia: The District! won the Grand Prix of SICAF, aka Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival
  • Director Aron Gauder was awarded the Cross of Merit of the Republic of Hungary: congratulations, Aron!
  • The District won the Annecy Cristal for the best animated feature!
  • The film is selected to Forum of Independents in Karlovy Vary
  • The District! will be released theatrically in Romania
  • Over 79,000 admissions in Hungary

The kids of the district grew up in constant rivalling and fights as their Gypsy, Hungarian, Arab, and Chinese families engage in everyday hostility. Yet Richie, the youngest of the Lakatos clan attempts to find a way to pacify the Csorba family, and especally their lovely daughter, Jules. As he soon reveals, the way to peace is through money, and that the only way to make money is to have oil. So the kids take a timetrip to the prehistoric age, and create their own oil reserves right under the district. After their return the exploitation of oil begins, radically changing the stance both in the school and in the general criminal environment of the area. And their sudden success draws some unwanted international attention to the district...

Directed by
Áron Gauder
Erik Novák
László Jakab Orsós
Viktor Nagy
Original music
Zsolt Hammer
Ádám Jávorka
Alex Hunyadi
Igor Bóka
Szabolcs Pálfi

The District's a mate, one of a kind,
You took a knock and lost your mind.
See this tale of the town unfold,
A house of cards in a land of gold.
You can't get lost, diggin' around,
If ya got the cash, you're safe and sound.
The cops down there don't fuck about,
Pay them off or just get out.
We all know where we belong,
Pimpin' and trickin' all day long.
Some new guy wants to get to the top
Don't cost much to give it a pop.
The gov'ment throws all sorts in 'ere,
Chinese, Arab, Gypsy, queer.
Everything looks grey and brown,
Take one card out and the lot falls down.
Cash makes a dash from hand to hand,
All addin' up in a promised land.
The shit we go through ev'ry day,
It's a bitch of a game, you wanna play?


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