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Added by Jonathan de Halleux, last edited by Graham Hay on May 15, 2007  (view change)

The ExpectedExceptionAttribute is a [TestDecorator] that enables you to create negative tests, i.e. tests that check that your application fails the way it should.

Use this [CustomAttribute] to tag a test with the expected exception type:

public void NegativeTest()
{ ... }

A classical example of usage is to check that a method checks that it's arguments are non-null.

public class Foo
   public Object Method(Object o)
       return o.ToString();

public void MethodArgumentNull()
   Foo foo = new Foo();

This test will fail because the thrown exception (NullReferenceException) is not of the right type (ArgumentNullException).

As of version 2.4, you can also test the expected message:

[Test, ExpectedException(typeof(NotImplementedException), "This should match.")]
public void ExceptionAndExpectedMessage()
    throw new NotImplementedException("This should match.");

and the inner exception:

[Test, ExpectedException(typeof(NotImplementedException), typeof(ArgumentException))]
public void ExceptionAndInnerException()
    throw new NotImplementedException("", new ArgumentException());

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