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Apple Server Solutions

File and Print
Xserve is a high-performance, affordable solution for delivering powerful file and print services to Mac, Windows and UNIX systems throughout your organization.
Desktop Management
Xserve makes the most of your network resources — and your administrators’ time — by simplifying management of desktop computers and workgroups.
Web Server
Xserve is an ideal platform for deploying powerful web solutions — easily, reliably and affordably.
Media Streaming
Xserve and Mac OS X Server combine with Apple QuickTime, the industry-standard platform for digital media, to deliver a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution for cross-platform media streaming.

Additional Software

Apple Remote Desktop 3
Desktop management made easy.
The easiest way to build powerful web services.
Mac OS X Leopard Server Sneak Peek iCal Server Diagram
iCal Server. Now taking appointments.

Introducing iCal Server, the first calendar server for Mac OS X Server. Now it’s easy to share calendars, schedule meetings, and coordinate events within a workgroup, a small business, or a large corporation. Built on open standard protocols, iCal Server provides integration with leading calendaring programs. And unlike other calendaring solutions, iCal Server doesn’t impose a per-user license, so your business can grow without having to pay for additional licenses.

iCal screenshot

An easy schedule

Does it sometimes seem like scheduling a meeting is harder than actually getting through the meeting? Using iCal Server, colleagues can propose and set up meetings, book conference rooms, and more quickly and easily. iCal Server is a full-featured, standards-based calendaring solution designed to make your life easier.

Think of it as a one-stop shop for searching for your calendar activities. Will everyone be free for a Monday morning meeting? Search for attendee availability and see just who is booked up. Need to reserve a projector or a particular conference room? iCal Server can take care of that as well. Once you have the location and the time set, iCal Server will invite the right people and even let you include information such as agendas or to-do lists, with the invitation.

CalDAV icon

Works well with others

iCal Server uses open calendaring protocols for integrating with leading calendaring programs including iCal 3 in Leopard, Mozilla’s Sunbird, OSAF’s Chandler and Microsoft Outlook. These open standard protocols include CalDAV — a set of extensions to WebDAV — and interchange formats such as iCalendar, iMIP, and iTIP.

Apple is a member of the CalConnect Consortium and is committed to open, standards-based calendaring and scheduling protocols. To further the widespread adoption and deployment of these calendaring standards, complete source code will be released to the open source community as part of the Darwin Calendar Server project, hosted on the website

High availability with Xsan

To maximize service scalability and minimize loss of productivity from service outages, iCal Server has been optimized for use with Xsan — Apple’s clustered file system. With Xsan, multiple iCal Servers can read and write to the same volume making it easy to increase performance and improve service reliability by simply scaling out with additional servers.

Easy integration

It’s easy to integrate iCal Server into your organization, whether you’re a small business, a project team within a large organization, or an IT department standardizing on open calendaring protocols. For those organizations without an existing directory service, Leopard Server includes Open Directory and is pre-configured with the necessary schema for iCal Server. Networks with an existing directory service — such as Active Directory — can deploy Leopard Server for local hosting of all calendar and collaboration data while continuing to use the existing directory for user log-in and authentication.

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