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August 2003

No. 8553    August 28
Suntory Report on Mineral Water

Suntory has published its report on trends in the mineral water market. Since its introduction to Japanese market in the first half period of 1970s consumers are more and more interested in healthy, safe and tasteful mineral water. In 2001 and 2002, its market has grown by two-digits percentage and even this year with cold summer its sales from January to August grew compared to the same period of last year. Sales of Suntory TENNENSUI has increased by surprising eighteen-fold from 12 years ago. According to the research on people who reside in Tokyo metropolitan area occasions of using mineral water are diversifying as women use it to cook or people drink it after bath, after drinking alcohol or with meals. Upon purchasing mineral water more consumers choose it for its quality and brand. While 73.2% people prefer Japanese mineral water many twenties prefer imported mineral water. More than 60% people consider hard water contains more calcium while soft water is easier to drink.

No. 8552    August 28
New PEPSI Campaign Invites Baseball Kids to Meet Ichiro

From September 8 Suntory holds a new PEPSI campaign, "-CHANGE the WORLD- PEPSI x ICHIRO DREAM STADIUM in TOKYO DOME." By entering the campaign with an answer of a quiz 10 kids baseball teams win a dream opportunity to meet Ichiro of Seattle Mariners, see his play, hear his story and take a picture with him on December 7 at Tokyo Dome.

No. 8551    August 26
Suntory to Introduce RIVERCREST "Baby"

From September 16 Suntory starts marketing baby-size of California's E. & J. Gallo Winery wine, RIVERCREST. The new 187ml bottle with a screw cap is easy to open and ideal for personal enjoyment.

No. 8550    August 26
FUYUNAMA Joins Market for Winter Season

From October 15 Suntory starts marketing new low-malt beer, FUYUNAMA, for winter season. FUYUNAMA with refreshing smoothness is best to enjoy in the heated warm room in cold winter. 350/500ml can with pretty winter drawing retails at 145/201yen.

No. 8549    August 26
Suntory to Market Spanish Cava, FREIXENET

From September 16 Suntory starts marketing 6 kinds of FREIXENET, high-quality Spanish sparkling wine called "cava" that is produced by the same process as champagne. It was the number one selling brand in the world with sales of 6.4 million cases last year. By introducing this brand Suntory is planning to market sparkling wine as daily drink.

No. 8548    August 25
New TV Commercial for BOSS On-Air

From August 26 Suntory starts broadcasting new TV commercial for BOSS, coffee for workingmen. The theme for new commercial series is "Western movie" with a pop singer, Ayumi Hamasaki, as a cute and brave cowgirl, an actor, Yoshio Harada, as a samurai, a master of sumo, Akebono Oyakata, as a cowboy and Kyoko and Mika Kano as religious sisters. The sales of BOSS from January to July this year grew by 20% from last year. Suntory is aiming to further boost its sales.

No. 8547    August 19
Suntory Flowers Introduces New Products for Fall Season 2003

From the end of September Suntory Flowers Ltd. starts marketing new products for fall season including aquamarine hue and lemon-yellow trailing-type FIORINA that will have large flowers for the first time in the world. Blue-white color of trailing-type FIORINA and deep-purple color of mound-type FIORINA will also join market. FIORINA, a new type of Viola, is easy to grow and spreads as it blooms. Each pot retails at 380yen.

No. 8546    August 19

From September 16 Suntory starts marketing Georges Duboeuf wine, BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES PRESTIGE, for restaurants. The wine produced by "the king of Beaujolais," Georges Duboeuf, is made from the best grapes harvested in three selected villages. The deep-ruby wine with purplish nuances has aroma of red berries with fresh fruity taste and a hint of herbs. Solid yet delicate tannin is very well balanced.

No. 8544    August 19
Brand-new RÉSERVE Bourgogne Joins Market

From September 16 Suntory starts marketing RÉSERVE Bourgogne, wine that was born with the collaboration of Les Vins Georges Duboeuf, the notable wine producer of France. The Bourgogne AC wine has solid taste yet with fairy aroma and smoothness that are characteristics of Georges Duboeuf wine.

No. 8543    August 19
CELLIER DES DAUPHINS Prestige Cotes du Rhone Appears in Market

From September 16 Suntory starts marketing French AOC wine, CELLIER DES DAUPHINS Prestige Cotes du Rhone. The product sold approximately a million cases in French supermarkets and hypermarkets last year and is one of the brands to represent Cotes du Rhone wine. Medium-body red wine has spicy taste with ripe fruit aroma while slightly dry white wine is fruity and refreshing.

No. 8542    August 19
CONTREX "Trendy Goods from Paris" Present Campaign Starts

From September 30 to December 31 Suntory and Nestle Japan Group hold a present campaign in line with the beginning of retail sales of French natural mineral water, CONTREX. By sending a postcard with entry tickets that come with CONTREX 500ml/1.5ltr PET bottles winners could acquire trendy items from Paris or CONTREX original items as watches, sunglass cases, bags, etc.

No. 8541    August 19
Suntory to Market CONTREX to Retail Channel

From September 30 Suntory starts retailing French natural mineral water, CONTREX, imported by Nestle Japan Group. CONTREX from Contrexville of Vosges Mountains in southeastern France is rich in mineral with 486mg of calcium and 84mg of magnesium per liter. To maintain the original quality strict quality control system is applied and SCQ mark is attached to each bottle to guarantee its quality. 500ml/1.5ltr PET bottle retails at 195/325yen.

No. 8540    August 18
Yamazaki and Hakushu Distillery Approved by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS)

As a result of strict examination Suntory Yamazaki Distillery and Hakushu Distillery have been approved as "SMWS Distillery Code 119” and 120." SMWS is the organization of approximately 30,000 Scotch Malt Whisky lovers as its members that was found in 1983 in Edinburgh, Scotland. The society purchases barrels from high-quality distilleries they have approved and sells the bottles to members around the world. Suntory's single-cask whiskies approved this time will be sold from this fall. On September 20, 23, and 28 tasting events to commemorate the approval will be held in Yamazaki Distillery, Fukuoka and Tokyo respectively.

No. 8539    August 12
Suntory Museum of Art Exhibits "Beauty of Lively Women in Motion Seen in Japanese Paintings"

From October 7 to November 16 Suntory Museum of Art exhibits "Beauty of Lively Women in Motion Seen in Japanese Paintings (provisional title)" that introduces working or playing women in late Heian to Edo era with approximately 100 paintings. By watching lively working and playing women of different classes in different societies and periods the museum is hoping visitors to feel the joy of being women in any era.

No. 8538    August 12
Suntory to Hold Workshop "Our Stage is Global" in Toga

During the second weekend of September (13 and 14) Suntory Foundation together with The Japan Foundation and Toyama Theatrical Art Festival Toga Executive Committee will hold a workshop titled "Our Stage is Global" in Toga village in Toyama prefecture to consider local cultures and international exchange. 70 people are welcome to participate in discussion themed "Grow buds of peace International -Cultural Exchange by Children." Those who wish to participate please call 06-6342-6221 or email Attending is free of charge but 13,000 yen must be paid for social gathering and accommodation.

No. 8535    August 6
Suntory Holds 2nd Photo Contest at Kyoto Brewery

Suntory Kyoto Brewery holds 2nd photo contest themed "Attractive Summer Natural Scenery." The brewery accepts entries from August 8 to September 22 and those photos that pass first screening will be exhibited in the brewery for voting by visitors. Final winners of the contest will be announced on November 11. For details please call 075-952-2020.

No. 8534    August 7
Suntory Tomi-no-oka Winery Invites Visitors to Experience Grape Harvest

From August 22 to September 15 Suntory Tomi-no-oka Winery invites visitors to experience the joy of grape harvest. Tomi-no-oka Winery is the winery that devotes to wine making from soil to vinification and aging. To people over 20 years old who harvest more than 3 cases, the winery presents a bottle of special wine each with their picture on its label. For those who wish to participate please call 0551-28-7311 beforehand.

No. 8533    August 6
“VIVA! JUN-NAMA Happy Recipe Present Campaign” Starts

From the end of August to November 30 Suntory holds present campaign with JUN-NAMA, low-malt beer, 350/500ml 6-pack. By sending 2 entry stickers attached to 6-pack everybody could acquire Happy Recipe Book with seasonal original recipes that are best with JUN-NAMA. The contents of the book vary depending on the period.

No. 8532    August 6
Suntory Introduces WET BY BEEFEATER

From September 9 Suntory starts marketing 750ml bottle of new premium gin, WET BY BEEFEATER, from traditional English gin manufacturer, BEEFEATER. The product has smooth and delicate taste with gorgeous aroma of pear that is totally different from regular dry gin. It reaches Japanese market after being introduced in Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

No. 8531    August 6
KAKUBIN Present Campaign Commences

From the middle of September to December 1 Suntory holds KAKUBIN Present Campaign. By sending certain points of entry stickers attached to KAKUBIN and some amount of money as below everybody could acquire and enjoy following original goods.
6 points and 15,000yen…original genuine leather jacket
3 points and 8,000yen…original leather baggage
3 points and 5,000yen…original Zippo lighter

No. 8530    August 6
Suntory to Hold DIET NAMA Present Campaign

From the beginning of September to November 20 Suntory holds "DIET NAMA Cinema Campaign." By entering the campaign with 6 stickers attached to DIET NAMA 1000 pairs win tickets to film preview provided with babysitters. Other 1000 people win gift vouchers worth 3000yen for use at Ticket PIA.

No. 8529    August 6
PEPSI Present Campaign Starts

From the beginning of September Suntory starts PEPSI present campaign countrywide. During the campaign period each PEPSI TWIST/DIET PEPSI TWIST 500ml bottle-can comes with one of 32 kinds of bottle caps of first Mobile Suit Gundam. Likewise any PEPSI series' 1.5ltr PET bottle comes with one of 8 kinds of Curious George lemon-shaped key rings.

No. 8527    August 5
Suntory to Add Other Sizes of TAINAI-KIREI-CHA KOKOKARA

Suntory starts marketing TAINAI-KIREI-CHA KOKOKARA 2ltr PET bottle (330yen) and 250ml paper pack (80yen) from September 16 and 22 respectively. 500ml PET bottle of the tea targeted at modern people with stress or irregular dietary habits has been popular since its introduction in this April for its gentle fresh taste and a bit of sweetness.

No. 8526    August 5
Suntory Introduces AUTUMN-YA GRAIN TEA

From August 26 Suntory starts marketing AUTUMN-YA GRAIN TEA for fall season. The tea whose main ingredient is brown rice has a hint of black soybean, Kikuimo (Herianhus tuberosu), or sweet potato with slightly sweet and gentle aftertaste. Consumers could feel Japanese autumn from its package as well. 500ml PET bottle retails at 140yen.

No. 8525    August 5
NACCHAN AKIKAJITSU Appears in Market for Fall Season

From August 26 Suntory starts marketing NACCHAN AKIKAJITSU (1.5ltr/500ml PET bottle, 250ml paper pack: 330/140, 100yen) for fall season. AKIKAJITSU, a mixture of autumn fruits, contains no sugar, no artificial colors but has refreshing taste and natural fruit flavor. From the end of August a puzzle will be attached to each 1.5ltr PET bottle of NACCHAN AKIKAJITSU or ORANGE as well. By using an entry postcard that comes with the puzzle 1000 winners could acquire 2000yen.

No. 8524    August 5

From September 2 Suntory starts marketing 500ml bottles of SHAOXING LAO JIU HANAHORI that are produced by a leading Shaoxing rice wine manufacture in China. The high-quality authentic Shaoxing rice wine is made from unblended rice wine aged more than three years. It is palatable liquor with a hint of sourness and soft and complex flavor.

No. 8523    August 5
"Suntory: Get! 100 million yen!" Present Campaign Commences

Collaborating with Japan Sports Advancement Lottery Ltd., Suntory holds "Suntory: Get! 100 million yen!" present campaign from September 1 to October 24. By entering with 6 stickers attached to JUN-NAMA, SUPER MAGNUM DRY, DIET NAMA, RAKUZEN or FINE BREW 10,000 people win coupon worth 10,000yen for purchasing toto or totoGOAL. With this campaign Suntory is aiming to increase fans of the beverages and of J. League that the company officially sponsors.

No. 8522    August 5

From September 16 Suntory starts marketing ON BUSINESS and INTERMISSION as new flavors of Suntory coffee BOSS line. ON BUSINESS is rich coffee with sharp bitterness and smoothness that exhilarates you at work while INTERMISSION is mild one for a break. From August 26 another flavor of BOSS, SUPER FINE ROAST, made from yet better coffee beans leading to rich deep clear taste will be in market as well. 190g can retails at 115yen.

No. 8521    August 5
Suntory to Establish New Product Development Center in Kawasaki City

Suntory decided to integrate its product development facilities for foods and liquors to newly establishing product development center in the premises of former Tamagawa Plant in Kawasaki City. The center that is expected to support better communication and collaboration between company’s divisions will be constructed starting from this November.

No. 8520    August 1
RIVER CREST Present Campaign Starts

From September 8 to October 31 Suntory holds a present campaign with E. &J. Gallo’s juicy and fruity California wine, RIVER CREST. By sending a postcard with one gold or two sliver stickers attached to RIVER CREST bottles 500 entrants win a set of wine goods each by a selected interior goods shop, Timeless Comfort. The present and RIVER CREST could be seen at all Timeless Comfort shops throughout the period.

No. 8519    August 1
Suntory to Market SORA with Little Sugar and Milk Countrywide

From August 5 Suntory starts marketing SORA with little sugar and milk throughout Japan. The product that was first introduced in Kanto area this June sold very well for its balance of mild milk taste and refreshing aftertaste, and its stylish futuristically-shaped bottle. Responding to consumers’ request the 350ml PET bottle will be sold countrywide at 150yen.

No. 8518    August 1
New Prices Applied to Some Imported Wine

From October 1 Suntory applies new prices to some of the company’s imported European wine due to stronger Euro. The wholesale prices will be approximately 5% higher than the current ones.

No. 8517    August 1
Suntory to Release Nouveau Shochu KUROMARU-SHINSHU

From November 1 Suntory will start marketing Nouveau Shochu KUROMARU-SHINSHU that will be made only from sweet potato harvested this fall. The authentic Nouveau Shochu will posses fresh taste and rich aroma exclusive to the new sweet potato. 720ml bottle will retail at 1200yen.

No. 8516    August 1
Suntory to Accept Orders for 2003 Nouveau Wine

From August 1 Suntory starts accepting orders for 2003 Nouveau Wine including George Duboeuf’s BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU that is favored by Michelin’s 3-star French restaurant Paul Bocuse and other French, Italian, and Austrian Nouveau Wine. Along, peach and apple flavors of Suntory FRUIT WINE SELECTION NOUVEAU (500ml bottle, 680yen) are introduced as well.

No. 8515    August 1
Healthier Suntory CHU-HI CALORI Debut

From September 17 Suntory starts marketing four flavors (Lemon, Grapefruit, Kyoho Grape, Ume: sour plum) of CALORI that are 50% less calorie and 80% less sugars than the same flavor of regular Suntory CHU-HI. 350/500ml can of fresh and fruity CALORI retails at 140/190 yen.

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