Williams College
Neighborhood System 2006-2007

Welcome to Williams College's new housing system. As you may already know, the housing system is comprised of four neighborhoods, each with about a fourth of the student body affiliated or members. The neighborhoods each have a student governance board elected last spring, faculty associates, and staff affiliates. The entire campus is involved. The new housing system is meant to enhance the close-knit community at Williams, foster even more opportunities to get to know each other, and encourage diverse social programming. You are all integral in making the housing system a success. Get involved! Enjoy the events! Communicate with your governance board! Spread your neighborhood pride! This year is a ground breaking year: it is the first year of the new housing system and the beginning of a new Williams tradition. You can contribute in making history at Williams! So enjoy the up-coming year and get to know your neighbors. After all, that is the spirit behind the housing system.


Membership Information
President: Michael Davitian
Community Liaison: Andy Stevenson
Treasurer: David Rogowski
Historian: Theresa Ong
NLC: Remington Shepard
Faculty: Joe Cruz, Julie Greenwood, Christian Thorne, Dwight Whitaker
CLC: Anna Bennett

Membership Information
President: Chris Upjohn
Community Liaison: Ted Wiles
Treasurer: Toni Kraeva
Historian: Amari Richardson
NLC: Cat Vielma
Faculty: Denise Buell, Scott Lewis, Tiku Majumder, Armando Vargas
CLC: Arif Smith

Membership Information
President: Noah Smith-Drelich
Community Liaison: Greg Walker
Treasurer: Peter Nurnberg
Historian: Alexandra Hoff
NLC: Emily Behrman
Faculty: Satyan Devadoss, Charles Dew, Marjorie Hirsch, Peter Wells
CLC: Katie Kamieniecki

Membership Information
President: David Turner
Community Liaison: Rachel Ko
Treasurer: Jon Prigoff
Historian: Daniel McKenna-Foster
NLC: McKenna Knych
Faculty: Gina Coleman, Steven Swoap, Darra Goldstein, Chris Waters
CLC: Sara Ansell


Monthly Neighborhood Dinners.
Every first Monday and Tuesday of the month there will be neighborhood dinners, which are for designated members only. These dinners will feature top-of-the-line dishes, music, neighborhood announcements, and they are simply a chance for the neighborhood to get together.

Monday: Dodd at Dodd Dining Hall, Wood at Greylock Dining Hall
Tuesday: Currier at Driscoll Dining Hall, Spencer at Greylock Dining Hall

Fun Facts:

Number of people:
Dodd - 381
Wood - 408
Currier - 464
Spencer - 511

Number of students named "William" or "Williams":
Dodd - 8
Wood - 8
Currier - 11
Spencer - 9

Distance to Spring Street:
Dodd - 1500 ft
Wood - 1600 ft
Currier - 600 ft
Spencer - 1000 ft

Highest first year female/male ratio: Currier -- 1.17/1

Highest number of single rooms: Spencer -- 278


Contact Us:

Contact your President for general neighborhood questions. Contact your Community Liaison for event suggestions, event support, and diversity issues.

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